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User Review

ratsscabies's review - Line 6 JM4 Looper

Value For Money : Excellent
See below ...
Everything is for fun, equalizer, preset effect, beatbox, looper ...
There is no USB port!
Left-right output that can switch on 2 amps.
Material thought to play well at home or repet.
No internal lamp but anyway it is useless.


I plugged in and I played, nothing complicated if we already had multi-effects ...
The manual is only useful if you want to deepen the technology of the device otherwise used without manual entirely possible and super easy!
Potentiometers on the front are convenient and simple, just what you need.
The drum part is super convenient to train in tones and solos, JM4 not used to it?
In addition to the tone is indicated on the screen.
The knob, amp model, you can change the type of sound, light (very) saturated, very convenient.
Only problem, is not controllable foot is better to use the hands up to the settings.
The material is made to train at home and it is perfect ...


Then I do not understand the guitarists friends below?
The sound effects and great, we get to slap sounds way to strat sounds very metal until slaughter saturations extreme!
The clear sound effects are realistic and large enough to have fun as it should be.
I first tested with a guitar Brian may signature Trisonic three single coil pickups and I found in the preset sound quality may brian CD ...
Plugged into an amplified speaker, this way no addition effect on amplification except low-treble.
The sound is very clean.
I think to play the guitar, you must keep it simple without too much thing to add ...


I use it for 2 hours, I have not done all the way around the camera, but the whole.
I had all the gear a guitarist can have in his life almost, that is saying a lot!
I think it's still expensive (nine), but in life everything is expensive!
Fortunately there are nice guys and serious on the net that sell occas at good price!
I am happy with my purchase, against your instincts and do not listen to others, and this applies to everything, not only in music!
A small bemol for manufacturing quality made in china at the buttons, but we'll see in time ...
Small problem also for the social life, when you push the sound back, we no longer hear Mrs. say 'at the table!' and that mouth!