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fantastik speakers (Panaray System Digital Controller II)

By ericthegreat, 01/11/2011
I am a competent DJ and have used several loudspeakers from competing brands. I have used the Mackie SRM 450s and found them to be too harsh. The dB loudspeakers I had tend to be similar but the bass was muddy. The Bose Panaray 802 Series III loudspeakers I use now deliver a clear, clean sound throughout the room. They are also really easy to tear down, and the portability makes them a cinch. The only drawbacks I've found is the bass response can be poor. The rooms acoustics seem to affect it a fair bit, but it's difficult if you need the 802s in a specific place for high-mid coverage. The way I resolved this was to purchase the MB4 bass units. I was looking at 502B - but they were big and didn't extend deeper than the 802s. From experience of them in the past the omni directional nature tended to cause bar staff to go crazy at the level of bass. The MB24 was another consideration, had the sound but was too loud and too heavy to take to mobile DJ events. I settled on the MB4 because of portability and performance for the size. Together the 802/MB4 system provides great sound for about 500 people, even at nightclub volume levels (110dB A) The 802s tend to have a warm, less harsh sound than their counterparts. However I have found them to require a huge amplifier to cope with the extra EQing the Controller puts out. Overall through, the system never fails to perform and 802s have always been reliable for me and many of my DJ buddies who have used them for years. I use a QSC 2450 RMX to drive these speakers - and have found it a good match. I think a lot of the time with the 802s you just need the right set-up, correct placement and good amplification to get those cones moving. They do the job very well

The EQ is perfect (T1 ToneMatch)

By JimboSpins, 22/01/2013
The Bose T1 ToneMatch is a 4 channel mixer with 3 microphone inputs, 1 stereo channel and over 100 presets built into it. After about a weeks worth of learning the unit in full, I started to mess with some of the effects and man there are some good ones on here. This unit is very easy to use and understanding it will not take long at all. It only took me a while just because I didn’t have time to sit down all at once and learn everything about it. It does come with the manual, but it is not that big of a book and you really don’t need it. This is the type of mixer that you just need to dive in head first and start messing with it if you want to learn how it works.


I love the design of it; it is something different from Bose. They have really tried to switch things up with this T1 unit. The EQ system on the T1 is where I think I really got my money out of this unit. It has an “Intelligent EQ” system that can get your a better sound with better accuracy. Even if you just use the EQ presets you will be amazed on how good they are, and you can always edit a preset and get it sounding exactly the way you want it to sound.


Because this is a Bose mixer you can bet your money that it is made well and will not have any issues. Yes, it is pretty expensive but when it comes to Bose no money is really too much because they have proven themselves time and time again on how great the quality of the equipment they make is. This mixer is great, you can even get free driver and preset updates online free of charge from Bose’s website.


I love the quality and build of this mixer. I know it will last a long time and I am looking forward to using it for a long time. I would make this choice over and over again if needed. The quality for the price is spot on!