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User reviews on Loudspeaker Management System products

Peavey Feedback Ferret II (Peavey - Feedback ferret II)

By MGR/Dan, 08/08/2004
I needed a Feedback eliminator with as many filters as possible, as my Roland AF-70's only have 12.
I paid £354.00.
The unit was acquired from an online music website.

I had hoped that the 32 filters would solve my feedback problems, I needed the unit to stop electric guitar pickup, which has flucuating feedback frequencies. However, the Ferret produces significant sound quality deterioration, and doesn't actually have 32 filters.

Having looked at various websites, it became clear that the Peavey Feedback Ferrett II was the one with the most filters, as it had 32.
As the description on all the websites I visited was a bit ambiguous (it mentioned "32 filters in Dual Mono Mode"), I rang Peavey and spoke to their Tech department, and I asked the question " Is it possible to use all 32 filters on the Feedback Ferret II on one channel". I was told that the answer was yes.
Having aquired this information, I then ordered the Ferret, only to discover when I received it that:
a)The box had been opened prior to the dealer receiving it
b)The manual was the wrong manual - it was for the ordinary 1-chanel Ferret, not the Ferret II
c)It was not possible to use all 32 filters on one channel.

So I returned the Ferret to the dealer and asked for my money back. As the Ferret had to be insured for £354, this cost me £18.95.
The dealer has refunded the £354 I paid for the Ferret, but not the return postage, as they say that this is Peavey's responsiblity, since they gave me the wrong information.

So I have tried to reclam the return postage from Peavey. I was given approx 25mins of excuses by Peavey, so the dealer then tried contacting the MD of Peavey - who does not ring them back. The dealer hasalso spoken to their Peavey rep, and the General Manager of Peavey, but still no refund. In fact, Peavey refuse to admit that they gave out the wrong information, and are now telling the dealer that they will not accept the Ferret back.

So don't bother dealing with Peavey, they give out wrong information and then deny it when you complain!
I will never buy any of their products again!

The construction is very good.

The unit itself it not that bad as long as you don't want excellent sound quality. But £354 is a lot to pay for something that is not as good as a unit discontinued 4 yrs ago, and Peavey's Tech support are useless!
Don't bother buying the Ferret.

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The EQ is perfect (Bose - T1 ToneMatch)

By JimboSpins, 22/01/2013
The Bose T1 ToneMatch is a 4 channel mixer with 3 microphone inputs, 1 stereo channel and over 100 presets built into it. After about a weeks worth of learning the unit in full, I started to mess with some of the effects and man there are some good ones on here. This unit is very easy to use and understanding it will not take long at all. It only took me a while just because I didn’t have time to sit down all at once and learn everything about it. It does come with the manual, but it is not that big of a book and you really don’t need it. This is the type of mixer that you just need to dive in head first and start messing with it if you want to learn how it works.


I love the design of it; it is something different from Bose. They have really tried to switch things up with this T1 unit. The EQ system on the T1 is where I think I really got my money out of this unit. It has an “Intelligent EQ” system that can get your a better sound with better accuracy. Even if you just use the EQ presets you will be amazed on how good they are, and you can always edit a preset and get it sounding exactly the way you want it to sound.


Because this is a Bose mixer you can bet your money that it is made well and will not have any issues. Yes, it is pretty expensive but when it comes to Bose no money is really too much because they have proven themselves time and time again on how great the quality of the equipment they make is. This mixer is great, you can even get free driver and preset updates online free of charge from Bose’s website.


I love the quality and build of this mixer. I know it will last a long time and I am looking forward to using it for a long time. I would make this choice over and over again if needed. The quality for the price is spot on!

sub-man's review (Mach Audio - M20.06)

By sub-man, 24/04/2005
I used the last 2 years this processor uses the Omnidrive bss or preset the brand is built-t c is a very good item, I have not found a defect of the product if it did n the lack of software that can be used by a PARAMTR ordinatur.

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