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User Review

Great price even better sound - Reviews Agile AL-3000

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I have used many different amps with this Agile guitar, keep in mind this one is a special edition just made one year with EMG 51/50 active pickups. Without any effects sounds great and with effects just gets even more power and great sounds. My friends have compared there Gibson Les Paul to it and say this plays better than the lower end Gibsons and on some cases equal to more expensive models. Did a blind fold test with a true Gibson guitarist and cold not pick which was which. This Agile guitar has been used for many different styles and genres and has performed very awesome. Clean, Crunch and distorted all with good out takes. The pros are sound, look and fell.
- are most guitarist never heard of them and won't even give it a try until they hear it.