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Agile AL3000 Lefty - Reviews Agile AL-3000

I was looking to purchase a specific Epiphone Les Paul left hand version and was told they only make them at certain times of the year. I started combing the internet for one when I stumbled across the Agile brand and read all the reviews I could find. Surprisingly almost anything I read on Agile or Rondo Music the US distributor was all Positive. I bought the AL3000 lefty for $360-Shipping was lightning fast!

It looks like a $2500 Gibson! the quality, fit, finish and sounds are amazing for the price. It is better constructed than my Epiphone Dot guitar. The pickups sound great, the action is superb and the unit needed very little tweaking on arrival.

It seems to be a bit heavier than my previous Gibson LP and I prefer the speed style tone/volume knobs.Thats about it, trivial I know but you can split hairs all day and not fing anything substantial to complain about. This ax should/could cost twice as much.

Ebony fretwork is perfect as is the cherry sunburst finish. The grovers alighn and action is smooth, lots of sustain and stays in tune perfectly. Binding is flawless and no glue bulges anywhere.
I would buy another of these in a heartbeat!

It is hard to believe the price of this guitar when you're used to paying thousands for the same qulaity in a Gibson.
The components and electronics are first rate and the sound is really great.

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