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User Review

alexmar's review - DeArmond M-75 T

Made in Korea, manufactured under license for Guild is a copy of starfire from the parent.
100% mahogany, 22 frets, two humbuckers DeArmond (U.S.) and a bigsby.
2 vol 2 tone like a Les Paul.
Handle end in the mind of slim type gibson.


-The handle is very nice, the paint is soft, it is possible to adjust the action very low bitch to flatter radius than the gibson by exmple (it must be at least 14 against 12 for LP).
Rather-not too heavy, fairly well balanced against access by the tweeter is hard asses past the 15th fret.
One-part = it sounds! (Rather well!)


To play rock, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, blues etc. it is perfect, the pickups are quite caustic with lots of presence but still fat, it is somewhere between a jet and a duet Gretsh les paul.

I used it on dozens of high-end amp, I've never been disappointed, but I think she gets along very well with amps typed his "fat" (like mesa nomad, fender + TubeScreamer etc ...)
In fact (and even if GE does not like the word nor the concept) it is versatile, the wood is decent enough quality for that price and microphones are relevant to show a lot of different areas.
Very mellow jazzy sound to outright saturation via light crunch of it never to be ashamed of guitars 5 or 6 times more expensive.


I've had close to 10 years it seems, is aging slowly, the paint is good (it is "sparkle" mine), the hardware does not seem to want to move, should I just change the mechanical are a bit tight when you hit a little on the bigsby ...
I love her look rather special, it is enough "50s", it usually leaves no one indifferent!
I had dozens of guitars but I have more than 5 .... including this one, it will remain warm with me until the end .. (snif. ..).
I had had the equivalent of 300 €, a great deal, go find a guitar of this quality for this price point today ...
I would love to find another black on occasion but just for the collection!