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User Review

A good surprise - Reviews Epiphone Les Paul Standard

- Type: solid body electric guitar
- Series: Les Paul Special Run
- Provenance: Asia
- Body: Mahogany
- Table: Carved Mahogany
- Neck: Mahogany, '50s Rounded profile '
- Rosewood
- Frets: 22 Medium Type
- Scale: 24.75 "
- Radius: 14 "
- Pickups: 2 Alnico Classic humbucker Epiphone More
- Controls: 1 volume by micro, 1 tone micro, / 3-position selector
- Bridge: Epiphone Tune-O-Matic
- Tailpiece: Epiphone Stopbar
- Tuners: Grover Modern oil bath
- Hardware: chrome
- Cosmetics:
- Color: Worn Cherry
- Verni: polyurethane satin
- Ref. : ENSWCCH4


The handle is nice to play with strings 10/46, I set the action low and I only have a few small boxes frizz, inaudible on my Laney LC15 or records. This does not impact the game or sound, I left the setting as this. The finish is successful, only the rosewood is a bit dull, but it must be arranged. After, bah it's seen and ratavu, access to acute rather lame, bridge and tailpiece classic.


The clean sounds are correct, but hey, if you want pure sound of madness, you buy a strat and then you stop tinkering.
The Les Paul is made for big sound and that's why we love him.
In My Laney LC15 she is doing very honestly I must say. I did not expect to find a sound like that. By the gain of the amp and the guitar volume way down (just), we timidly approach the myth and the ridiculous price of this used guitar, hat Epiphone.
The bridge pickup is the most successful, it enters all large distortion effects and keeping a good definition. on the other hand, it can not be said of the neck pickup. we quickly right with porridge when he asks too much.


I'm addicted to my stratocaster, but now, forced to confessed that Epiphone has something. I'll change the neck pickup to be sure, buy him a pickguard and buttons more to my liking, and then we will be faced with a very fine specimen that will give me that "vintage noiseless" my strat does not have namely a big sound very fat. The whole is coherent for a quality / hard to beat, at least on this model money, and yes I would do this choice.