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User Review

vinz115's review - EVH Wolfgang Special

There are several Wolfgang mine is a Made In Japan.

The finish not change a bad model to another in what I've seen here and even within a single production unit. So mine has a key bird eye rather loaded and the neck is flamed, you can not see the table (very fine) maple because it is painted black.

For basic feature (pitch microphones etc) all said I think in prior reviews.

There is no bevel to the forearm or back to accommodate the body of the guitar and the top is flat unlike the US models. This is important because the floyd is on the table and can not go beyond a certain point .... logic.


I love this guitar! The handle and the distance between the strings over the frets vintage gives it a very particular that all will not like feeling.

On the first frets it seems a good vintage Tele neck but the closer you get the higher frets over the handle becomes suitable Shred flatter.

The body is not welcoming but the guitar is super light and adorned tiny.

I wish to make a private conversation when I had the new skyscraper .... it was ABSOLUTELY not set anything ..... shit .... alignment string to the handle for example I'm not going to list it would be too long a time, but all I really set a low action, like a skyscraper that agreement after the worst Dive Bomb nikel!


A guitar to rock, the spirit of its EVH even in the detail! and it does not stop at the reverse switch ....

An example: I was surprised to have a neck pickup that sounds louder than the bridge, and curiosity pushed me to measure the pickups I found 14K for the bridge and 14.6 for the handle ... I was intrigued and after research on US forums I found that it was voluntary as EVH making these guitars ..... and saw that the pickups are referred to the body and that in practice it works well why no.
So its clear the position for me is that of mileu and I find the sound rather slamming the somewhat deaf to the clear neck pickup position not only for me for leads in satu .... and I find overkill and bassy !

This guitar definitely has character!


Super scratch! Yes I've already said I really like it I think it is less than the US mole just by the table ... any place but Japan although longer manufactured are really not bad for the price!

Another detail: The handle is plain for maintenance just a little soapy water on a cloth (not wet the handle Heins!) And avoid playing with ropes too oxidized and it will keep a gorgeous look in time for the handle This guitar is awesome!