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User Review

gibsonclassic's review - Gibson Les Paul Classic

manufactured by the cowboys!
Volume 2 microphones and 2 Tone
frets and neck as in the photo ..


the handle is very nice, I can not do without ..
the access to the treble is a little less ... bha .. yes, necessarily!
it is heavy (I like it!), the weight is well distributed
sound, it's a gibson bha ... no?


I play a bit of everything, but it did the trick for old pop rock, hard rock and metal songs qq. concern, it is sending mircos sauce thoroughly ...
I always play with my old digitech rp3 ... and a hi watt 100 w


I've had 10 years ...
it has not budged a bit, but its sounds are beginning to assert themselves ... .. yes I play!
I tried at the time a signature G Moore (too full) ..
bought 1200 euros and bananas ..