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User Review

The best Gibson Les Paul solo and hardcore / metal - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Classic

Made in USA! GIBSON but it's not ^ ^ ... the legend

Channel Type 60 ', for those who understand it, bah 60' are for little fingers, stick thin, flat great for rhythm and solos to shred

22 frets with the neck pickups 496R and 500 t in Chevalt! Most powerful among Gibson ceramic boot! perfect blues, big metal (same config as the Flying V!)

2 volumes, 2 Channel tonalities


super nice! it is far from the profile 50 which is a log but not suitable for small and doights solis endless! I sold an Epiphone Zakk Wylde because I could handle most of its 50 '! long live 60 '!

Guitar quite heavy but it is not death either! the weight is with sound! vla sustain allied with great pickups!

Access to acute correct for a Les Paul and pleasant with the handle 60 'which I'm in love ... I even sweep of fun! (Rare on a les paul

We get it "THE" with her! not need any arguments! plug it into a ring!

I made the hard


80 ', thrash, death metal, blues .... and everything was going wonderfully seen the super violin! I use it with one of my group of hard 80 'STEEL RANGERS coupled with my head Mesa Boogie single correct .. ... There is nothing wrong! harmonics hissed and direct the bends and riffs crazy!

The neck pickup (496 t) is great for blues or solos like Slash

Clearly, put the mic intermediate position (the 2 at the same time) and you hallucinate so beautiful! with the weight of the beast and the wood used no surprises!


I use for 1 month! Bought on "THE GOOD CORNER" hand! my dream for 15 years I am the guitar! Super with trapezoid pearl buttons green! I got to 1100 € repainted red by a luthier in mint condition!
The investment is worth it! on the right corner you will find when they have 1200/1300 € € 2500 in Valle ... this model is no longer afraid and I unfortunately never find it crazy but still sell it!
I assure you that the handle is better than the Gibson Les Paul Custom and Standard with microphones that can do everything with high output!
Now it will be the perfect complement to my Les Paul Vixen GIBON! (I also recommend the killings of scratches!)

feel free to request information by mail to the gibson! I 3 ^ ^