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User Review

Pretty as a fire truck! - Reviews Gibson [Guitar of the Week #15] Les Paul GT

Made in USA.
Red color with a chrome hardware rouge.Rehaussée and mirror-like inlays on the fretboard. We continue with a chrome pickguard that completes the package and gives it a mouth apart and classy.


Color: Red Ferrari
Wood body: Mahogany
Wood table: Maple
Wooden handle: Mahogany
Wooden key: Ebony
Binding (white line on the side all around the body): White
Handle Type: Classic 50s Round
Number of Frets: 22
Hardware: chrome
Handle Pickups: 490R Alnico Magnet Humbucker
Bridge pickups: 498R Alnico Magnet Humbucker
Controls: 2 volume buttons
2 Tone knobs with push-pull to split the pickups
1 switch with three positions.
Input jack: Neutrik locking jack to prevent his detaches when you walk on it
Nut: Graph Tech
Mechanical: AD (phew finally a Gibson holding the right ...)
Strap Lock provided
Tools provided
Flight case: black, inside white fur.


The neck profile is going to ask me some adaptation (my other guitars have sleeves finer), but the playability is there. OK it's not a featherweight and access to the treble is a bit complicated, but not impossible. Those for whom happiness begins in the 17th box will find something that suits them (or sticks their hand I should say) in other models. I take a point because of varnish Gibson rubbish like this is not allowed (reaction with sweat) which removes a bit of fun Thurs The sound is full, well rounded, much like we imagine that an LP should sound, especially when the "lead" sound channel amp or overdrive / distortion is switched preferred.


I play rock and sturdy covers of 70's trend and it is doing more than well. The cleans are warm while remaining defined (the neck pickup is a true sound velvet). The overdrive sounds / high gain are rich, couillus and the definition of his remains. I play a Peavey 5150, Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet a Triple Rectifier ... to the delight of my drummer and bassist acolytes who do not really hold their blows;-)
A little bonus: the tone knobs are push-pull and allow to split the pickups, offering single coil sound very honorable. However small negative about the volume knobs item, not progressive at all (they are being replaced but an exceptional guitar you are entitled to expect better from Gibson ...)


A month of use (live and mini studio) and it's happiness! I tried many of Gibson (entry and midrange) store and all were improperly set (Nut blunt, bridge saddles that catch). At that price Gibson could make an effort on the price or strengthen his department "Quality Control". However, the look and the sound is at the rendezvous I still love this beast.