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User Review

My first Gibson .. - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2011

-Chambered mahogany solid body guitar (has hollow chambers in the body significantly reducing it and increasing its resonance) made in the USA.
-Equipped with two Burstbuckers Pro humbuckers, one volume knob and tone for each pickup.
Mahogany-profile 60'rounded (round and wide enough then, but comfortable, you just adapt), jumbo frets (22), key obeche Madagascar (the new key is faded maple roasted).
Vintage Kluson-Mechanical.
Easel-style tune o matic.


Inning: As mentioned above, it is comfortable and not tiring, however for high speed travel will need to adapt. Negative in my opinion, the frets are generally poorly finished, and not set to handle better ..
Ergonomics is good access to acute is as it is on the Les Paul, that is harder than on an Ibanez Rg, but it is not a guitar shredder anyway!
Weight level, good surprise, the beautiful is lightweight (chambered body).
It is relatively easy to make it sound properly, sustain being rigorous and versatile mics, blues, jazz, metal, anything goes!


I have a strong preference for metal, but I also play blues and rock, hard rock.
This guitar suits me perfectly, with some effects and it is easy to approach all desired styles, except for a twang of those who ask where a telecaster or a guitar single coil pickups will rise more comfortable. The sound of the Les Paul is naturally fat, we have already an idea by playing the shooting not connected to it will be when the industry!
The sounds are beautiful, like Les Paul crunch and comfortable too.
The burstbuckers Pro are quite controversial, lack personality for some purists, but I find them amazingly versatile and accurate enough hot short, I like it. I said they are alnicoV.
I play a Fender amp xd superfield on the clean channel only (all lamps) in which I add effects such as: mxr 78 badass, M109 mxr eq, boss fb-2, metal muff, Vox V847.
The sound obtained with these pedals + amp + guitar is quite nice, sometimes it sounds big metal gojira the task by combining the metal muff + eq + fb-2, or metallica with just the metal muff and eq, guns n 'Roses or AC / DC with the mxr 78 ..


I have other guitars (gretsch, ibanez, bc rich and lâg) and so I have a point of comparison.
This is a great Gibson guitar but suffers from a lack of finishing scouring apparently.
Purchased in February 2012 for my thirty years, you can imagine the disappointment when I found that the set was rough around the edges .. Passage required a luthier to finish the edge of the frets sticking + planning + setting action / truss rod. But at the same time a real Gibson USA made one at this price there involves some concessions! But with the proper settings and finishes, it does not play in the same court and the entry-level studio does not have to be ashamed in front of a standard now. I tried and did tested a seller of a competitor store where I bought it and was amazed. This applies to the luthier, who was rough around the edges and clearly told me that she had potential, then set the onions you can imagine ..
In summary, the purchase will be more or less settled but still playable, and for a hundred dollars more you get a real Gibson, set as it should be. So I remake this choice without hesitation, knowing that the price difference between a studio and a standard is around € 500 so you will win, even through the box maker!