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User Review

Such a shame, we say in English. - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded 2011

Right, well, I will not repeat the article United States manufacturing ...
Ah, if I may redo the article though ... I read, I do not know exactly where on the net, only eight steps of "manufacturing" in the territory were sufficient for an instrument is given the privilege to be stamped "Made in America". So the debate was the fact that some Gibson ARE made in China, then returned to the States where they would undergo the famous eight steps. I will not dwell, not more audited data than that, but I wonder still seeing the price at which they are able to offer the low end.
So ... Made in America, and the usual two burstbuckers fittings, mechanical vintage Gibson, mahogany neck and body, and, contrary to previous opinion, maple table.


So it is mainly here's the rub. It is really shameful to let out a guitar with frets in this state there, while signing a card saying she has been checked and everything is fine. Two things: either the final tester at Gibson wears mittens side mesh or he signs the papers to the coffee machine. Basically, from the 12th fret, impossible to make a slip without leaving 1/2 pound of flesh on the handle. Amazing! And if you've escaped to the handle, you will miss the slice does not, where the same frets beyond blithely. I found one on the net about a guy who complained that his LP has frets square section and who sought to buy limes. When is my turn, I started to look for files that I sent the seller presto.
Otherwise, Gibson is clear on this, which is not true of all the shops: the handle is rosewood, but baked maple (maple roasted). We like it or not, for cons, it tends to make the sound more flashy, and as the guitar is hollow, it is quite far from the rather low standard of the original medium.
The lightweight surprise to anyone who has ever owned a standard, which I. This is very surprising, but not unpleasant for the lumbar.
The handle is a disaster, access to acute complicated when one has lost a phalanx.


High midrange sound, due to the maple top, the recesses and maple fingerboard. Not very fat, so, but punchy, it's undeniable. Personally I have not liked too, but now it's totally a matter of taste.


Finally, a guitar kept about five days, the story really try telling me that I was going to do there, it was a Gibson, anyway, but distributed to where it came.
For me, Gibson, it's over, except bingo, and models to 3000 euros, I think that attention is not the same.
Morality, a low-end shovel is a shovel low end. Did it was the name, this guitar would have never been sold at that price, and I'm sure that can be found widely in both the Korean and 400 euros.
So I know I'll hear the world crying with wolves, but:
1 - it is only my opinion, not an attempt to convince anyone,
2 - I may have fallen on THE shitty shovel the whole series,
3 - I have behind me 25 years of practice and some guitars to my credit,
4 - I've never been an "anti Gibson".

That's it. The moral is this: test the gear before you buy it or return it without hesitation if it does not suit you.

PS: Has it it surely which will still scoff, arguing "we do not buy a guitar mail". To them, I reply that the VPC a full refund (legal obligation) within 7 days following delivery, while nothing requires a merchant to do if you bought in stores and you are disappointed or you change your mind in the way home. And it is rare that they do, often limited, for more understanding, to have. But if they do not have the model of your dreams or that it is more expensive than elsewhere ... Too bad.