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It transmits the emotions .. - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck

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No extra visual finish (faded?).
But achieving very precise alignments and (most importantly!).


Handle very well.
I find this guitar light, well balanced and comfortable.
Access to sharp as I do not care.


The Gibson guitars are alive.
A clean and melodious music.
Notes crystalline, deep, rich, singing, or dull, dull, sad, with your fingertips (or pick).
The sensitivity of the fingers account.
With a very good amp, it was the pleasant sensation of having an extension of his body.
Everything is kept clean and music: pick coarse or fine, mild attacks, caresses, heavy attacks, simple rubbing of the fingers, palm mute, snapping strings, harmonics. It's nice.
For the amp, a Vox or a good head lamp without pedal, no reverb, and we do not touch.
If you like the style and the thousands of Fender pedals and settings, it's not a guitar you'll love. You will be disappointed the first time.
This is a guitar to be discovered by reworking the feel of rope, repeat lines, work the attacks, blockages, the flights, the pizzicato, etc. ..
You can discover many things impossible to do with many other guitars.
Obviously: jazz, rock, bossa, reggae, funk, samba, picking, etc. ..
In crunch sounds, the dynamic works wonders
In fully saturated sounds, that's fine, but many other guitars are as well or better.
In heavily retouched sounds, this type of guitar is not necessary.
For the Metal, we need more accurate and micro metal.


I had long ago, that I missed, I took for 3 months.
Value for money? It's silly.
We love and we can or not, or you love it and we take it.
I love and I could to 1000 euros.
I played the Fender, the Cort, Epiphone's, the little Yamaha, Ibanez, etc. ..