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User Review

A Gibson for not too expensive! - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck

Scratches made in United States + tailpiece and bridge Gibson classic, and a 4 potensiomtres slecteur all reliable and efficient. Channel no end or wholesale, résumé: 22 frets and is between the sleeves and those of Ibanez tlcasters ... A good compromise I think. I put a 9 because the rosewood fingerboard might look a little more "class". Otherwise the frets are well finished, very thin and I have not noticed any default as I have also read p (E string that would hang the frets / cel I have on my Epiphone Les paul custom purchase. on the other hand ...)


Channel trs enjoyable. CHAC is satisfactory to no more acute. (This is not a stratum, let alone a scratch of mtaleux ...) The interface is that of a Les Paul, with its default (ergonomics and balance once on your lap ) Other assumed to default: Weight 63 kg but I do and I get to play 2 or 3 hours without suffering too much riff back. Mine is 4.6 Kg (to indicate I have my strat pes United States: 3.9 Kg and my little tlcaster Baja: 3.6 Kg) ca gives you the tempo. What is a LES PAUL!
The handle, as I said, is excellent: you can play everything (If you know!) In any case the limit is the guitarist ... Rock, Blues, Jazz pots with the same effective and Hard because of the heavy microphones send Burstbuckers while keeping a real personality: modern, powerful, but hot enough.


It's the highlight: The sound Unquestionably Gibson. Even with the small default deficits higher, which add a finishing trs "average" (especially for a Gibson)
It gets off with the neck pickup is remarkable to find sounds that are sufficient enough pais themselves or even "flute" as those of my Fender. The sound is more acute "sour" when it is played without distortion, but without being dplaisant. In the opposite case, with distortion or overdrive is great for sending a chorus that contrasts: love!
The two microphones can be set to rev sounds pretty clear: Personally, I use it for rhythm Funcke. It does rev well. BRIEF If you like the sound the instrument Gibson dcevra do not ... For cons, I prcise I PROCD rglage a lightweight sleeve + strings for lower order cel that is more comfortable. Since (4 years) it holds the road and without dsaccorder (Drawing light) I had a little doubt on the original Gibson mcaniques, but not any problem of this cot. (Even if I find them super nice ...)
Finally I RPET a bit, but even when the finish is a bit scratched lgre to sign a Gibson ... Not at the list price at any rate (more than 2200 ) A foutage of mouth between paranthse, much like the cars in fact! Be able to discuss the price ... I put 8 / 10 because I want to remain objective and proper gum bad my eyes ...


The fair price: I found the bill (April 2007): New I prcise his tui TRS good quality I'd pay prcisemment 1391 (In Woodbrass)
For Gibson c'tait trs correct, even if the list price is crap as I said above. It's a finish that, be default of high class possde varnish that leaves many "breathe" the woods and cell means. The body is in two parts, in fact, but it is, I think its not about the rdibitoire remains excellent.

The report quality price (for 1400 I'm talking about) is good trs. And then you can pter the grave by playing a Les Paul like Jimmy Page Mark Knofler or two of my grateux prfrs. Seriousness, in occas 1000 or 1100, according to the state, you will make a good shot. Compare this with a new Les Paul Studio, however (I do not know enough) or possibly other brands. I waited 50 ballets to pay me a Les Paul, while I enjoy and take with my foot. I would do probably this choice (or another Les Paul more luxurious if finances permit) I put a 9 / 10 for sound and the handle. Zic all good.