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User Review

A true vintage finish standard - Reviews Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded '60s Neck

Made in America
22 frets
Tune o matic gibson chrome
60 slim tapper neck
2 zebra pickups Burstbucker Pro Alnico V
2 volumes 2 tones
3-position selector
Faded tobacco finish bust
Table AA maple and mahogany coprs
Binding of copra and handle aged cream
comes with a hard case gibson United States

The remains of a quality finish with slight defects GIBSON anyway (the ESP are much better finish anyway). It's still not very serious on the part of Gibson frets to the first price that wear their guitars at a phenomenal rate and often tune the guitar while ltd € 400 to have high end frets earvana !
And chrome tailpiece and bridge was tarnished in the space of seven years ... In short it is not very serious for a guitar at this price! I will therefore put 8 because of these two problems! But all have the same GIBSON defects fintion 50 years since then ...

For cons for future buyers, I want to say that before going to see the guitar on the spot, I was not really excited to finish seeing the faded pictures on the net. No hidden microphone and satin .... yuck. It's old and ugly! I thought, I'll put him on a pair of micro cache and make it a polish home shines! And above all it is a true standard!
But arrived and discovered the guitar, it is sublime! She has a real vintage look vintage! And finally it is pretty enough to be admired! The glaze is shiny and dull in some places due to the guitar but the finish looks a little retro on a gibson, frankly, I think it suits her. You would think out a treasure that remained for 40 years in the attic!
Before judging, must see with his own eyes!
For my part, I will finally leave home full!
Be careful though the varnish very fragile and easily show that leaves scratches and marks on the back table of the guitar! To take great care!


The neck is excellent, pluto round dish but I love (the same as my sg).
This handle allows a very fast paced and easy solos.
It is true that the agreements and rhythmic, the handle 50 rounder and thicker and better, but to walk on the scraper handle is magical!

Weight level, well the beast weighs its weight! And you know you have a real quality guitar and man hands! Mine is in September 2005 and must be in 4.5kg, so your back does not like! But it is a les paul so important weight! What the news does more than 3kg because the body is chambered since 2008 and they seem to sound a little different.

Access to acute is actually quite simple even if access is not worth a sg. Fortunately, the handle 60 allows easier access and quick.

I put a 9 because access to acute not worth a good sg or an ibanez! Otherwise is is very simple to use.


I play on a Marshall JCM900 and is not to say, the guitar sounds of hell!
The sound is that of the les paul standard greasy and powerful at a time.
The two burstbuckers do their job and you can get a variety of different sound:
- The bridge pickup can sound very powerful and slamming distortion and clean, perfect for solos and heavy rhythmic
- The two pickups together can sound melodious and arpeggios in this
- The neck pickup has a very thick and bold, very bluesy and jazz, but also perfect for rhythm and solos stifled (listen to the guitar's gun slash of pink sweet child of mine and you will understand! Is the same sound )

In comparison with my sg which has the 490R and 498T, the Burstbucker are fatter and thicker, but much less precise and modern.
It's like comparing the sound to slash angus youg! This is exactly the difference in sound between the two guitars.

I use it for rock, blues, hard rock and even metal with a pedal digitech metal master, and frankly it sounds!
This guitar is made to send on stage and fart solos not possible! Put it on the chin as it were the other, but need to know to play well!

For over 50 years that all the guitarists on the planet is the tear! It deserves a 10/10!


I bought a few weeks ago only € 1000!
Otherwise the guitar was in serious need of an adjustment handle tailpiece bridge, cleaning, and also a change because the nut low E string vacuum curly!
But once all this done and a few dollars spent, the guitar is a gem! It sounds like a hell of true standard strings are nearly on the handle frieze without it (like my sg for that matter)
She has a real personality that I love vintage finally! They really thought about the 1959 reissue Les Paul with his flamed table.
I tried the custom that I did not like too big for his neck (rounded 59) and the studio that I did not like either for its handle even bigger (round 50) and his real lack of personality (the guitar is too muffled and the sound does not come out!).
For my purchase, I hesitated a esp eclipse II tobacco bust fintion level which was wonderful and a terrible sound!
But my choice is leaning my gibson for this myth, and especially because the Japanese lack of personality!
Gibson guitars are frankly something .... One gets the impression they are alive when you play with! SI SI! Just try to empty that they speak and to hear that they vibrate in harmony everywhere! It is a sensation that was not with the other brands of vintage Fender guitars exception or custom!
If you like me to find the € 1000, I think you will not regret your choice at this price because we have a REAL GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD!
Unfortunately it has not long been produced and it is rare to get used. She'll be climbing the next few years because it is a rating limited edition ...
I always wanted to have one and voila! It's a dream come true! And must for a guitarist to own one one day!
It deserves a 10/10.