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User Review

Amazing for the price? Incredible all! - Reviews Gibson Melody Maker

This is a Gibson U.S. for the price of a Fender Mex. Body and mahogany neck, Kluson Deluxe mechanical. A micro simple enough and loud slamming, you can soften a bit with the knob of tone.

The neck (glued) is copied from a Les Paul 59, wide thick, comfortable.

The bridge is on the principle of wraparound, without a guide rope. It's cheap to death and yet it works very well. The action is (slightly) adjusted, intonation is not (at all) adjustable. You do not know what it is that the intonation or what's the point of the set? I assure you I have played guitar for years without knowing it and I do not wear really worse.

Note that all the electronics on the pickguard is screwed which provides an opportunity for easy upgrade not too expensive: U.S. sellers on ebay offer sets + pickguard pickups that are more than easy to install ... Unscrew the old pickguard screw the new hop and it's over. It is also easy to change the microphone to a humbucker or a P90 kind of the same format, Curtis Novak, Seymour Duncan make excellent (and expensive).


The handle is one of the best I've had in my hands. The polish glides little. It is like a BIG ax handle. However, I feel terribly comfortable with.

The body is fine, without cutting, the first time I've had a hands I thought playing on a cutting board. The varnish seems more than fine.

The guitar is very light and well balanced.


The sound has nothing to do with his gibson classic. Amateurs sounds round and fat gibson HB usual actually buying anything. The sound resembles a vintage telecaster, a danelectro. This is slightly less slamming, can be a bit more presence in the bass, but the universe is not that of the twang and big sound. She has a long sustain and deep, perfect for quiet arpeggios that I love.


I went to a store and try it I got attracted by the price secondhand. As I said earlier I felt like playing with a cutting board on which one would riveted lipstick telecaster. Spent the first two minutes, I could no longer ask. I played with more than three quarters of an hour, the seller (very nice, let me try the three different amps) finally come and ask me "you like it that much?"

Oh yes, I like it that much. Are found in secondhand 250 euros, the price of a squier midrange. The finish is medium, so she slips / was relic / age / embellishes even faster. The mechanics are excellent. The bridge and electronic models of simplicity and reliability. With the original microphone, it does not sound gibson for two francs, but it is easy to change the microphone.

For me, this is not a beginner guitar. This is THE guitar for beginners, keep it, play it, cherish it. And also if you want a gibson with a sound different.