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User Review

phil_the_devil's review - Lâg Roxane Matt Design RM200

Value For Money : Excellent
Nothing to add from what has been said before


Handle very nice:
Coming from a stick shift Ibanez Jackson and fund adaptation was very rapid. It feels good in the palm of the bread and stays fast and comfortable at once.

Access to acute:
Very good. It happens easily in the 22nd. The junction of the neck (glued and shaped) increases the playability of the lower neck.

The shape is nice and not in any way hamper the game, this guitar has a cachet all its own aesthetic that distinguishes it from other forms of guitars already seen and reviewed.
It is a featherweight who will save your shoulders. However small negative point, the handle tends to tilt the whole guitar when you loose.

Setting the tone:
The EMG HZ splitables offer a wide palette of sounds very fast to get. The settings are easy and fast.


Music style:
I play metal, rock n 'roll, punk, hard rock and reggae. I get with this guitar sounds for all these styles (and yes it is possible). It's really a guitar to do everything.

Amplifiers - Effects:
House: Peavey 10W
Repet: Peavey 100W
Effects: Boss GX700

Sounds obtained:
Big sound on bridge pickup: even saturation of the amplifier is correct with this guitar. For all that is punk and reggae selector I use the non-splitted in the middle: good presence in the bass and treble.

I personally prefer the sound saturation clear sound, when the bridge pickup is split is too present in the treble a bit garish and very cold.


Time of use: 1 week

range of sounds
aesthetically pleasing

Balancing guitar

Models tested before you buy:
PRS SE Custom: value for money disappointing
Fender Stratocaster: I do not like and we know already

Value for money:
excellent => 600 euros for everything there is, the hardware is quality (emg, mechanical oil bath, graphite nut, ebony fingerboard) and it is everything ended well. If anyone finds better I asked to see.

Experience and Choice:
I was looking for a versatile guitar without ruining myself with a nice visual quality. Personally if it were to do again, I'd do it again

I publish my opinion on this guitar:
* She had to go to the SAV to change the neck pickup HS 1 month after purchase
* Traces appeared on the orange paint about 6 months
=> No second appearance at the SAV for me ... I've been on other guitars more or less upscale since ... the difference is obvious: in search of money now I would recommend other brands or other models