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User Review

marimoaniki's review - Lâg Roxane Matt Design RM200

See below

I put 8 because for the price it has nothing to envy (ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups with split, bridge with string through-body mahogany ...), but nothing is perfect and the quality of the varnish is no top


+ The handle is very comfortable and easy to play

+ Good Access in acute thanks to the double cutaway

+ For the good big distortion sound that comes out easily and clean sound in the neck pickup is very round and warm

- For ergonomics, the guitar is really very slight, especially the body, but not the head so the guitar tends to prick forward (as in prior reviews)


I am playing mostly big sound from rock to mtal (deftones, rage, soad and stuff like that) and it is perfect, I use the bridge pickup for double distortion when I want big sound rather very bold, if not the handle Splitter (drier)

When I play it clean neck pickup is on the splitter (for sorting has Clapton or Pink Floyd, Hendrix, etc.) or non-splitter for more roundness

on the other hand I found the bridge pickup in single really too cold and I never use it, combined with neck pickup

I stress the great versatility of this guitar is rather type rock / mtal to dpart but thanks to diffrent possible positions gives us his very varied palettes, but also thanks to EMG sending the sauce well with the distortion in high output, but are also clean the road
I am not expert but I think the woods utiliss must play a role in the quality of sound (bridge pickup but Splitt = yuck)

Namely, I play Marshall VS8080, and adding a little reverb and a light chorus, I can have a very beautiful sound, and I put a little flanger its clean and sometimes od TS9 and a roll ca wonderful ^ ^

If not seen the original neck pickup is an H4A (often micro ream normally bridge) and the bridge pickup a FH3A, I swapped the two (with easily with connectors), and I prefer that I config H4A is the most prcis and less drooling in the bridge position

EDIT: I have been in pass config 'Seymour Duncan Blackout in the bridge, and EMG89 to handle, and nothing to do with the Hz the sound is top notch, if somewhat less versatile. (Asset size in the great ca)


I've had a little over 2 years now

What I like least:
- The balance
- The sound of the pickup splittbr /> - the varnish is very messy and is very susceptible to chips and scratches
What I like most:
- Ease of play (run and nice touch)
- The versatility and rich palette of sounds offered
- The weight lightweight

The ratio quality price is almost unbeatable for me given the quality and versatility of the guitar (about 500), there are a lot of default, but they are ngligeables in view of its quality.

^ Enjoy