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User Review

Mouflapil's review - Lâg Roxane Matt Design RM200

- In neck Maple (Hard Maple), with ergonomic junction
- India Ebony
- 22 medium frets
- Nut Graphite
- Setting spindle double meaning
- Mechanical Lâg high-precision
- Body: Solid Mahogany
- EMG HZ humbucker pickups (H4A-neck, FH3A-bridge)
- Bridge Design Lâg and strings with through-design "Tear Drop"
- 2 independent volumes with Push-Pull splitter for the humbucker and a single general tone
- Pickups selector with 3 positions (Toggle)
- Matt Chrome finish hardware
- Matt Varnish

That's what basically says the site of Lag.


The handle is very nice, after a small adjustment of the string action. Coming from an Ibanez, I feared an adjustment period due to its thickness, it is actually late. The matt varnish slides very well (in addition to not become stained with fingerprints).

The access to the latest cargo is easy thanks to the double cutaway, nice besides being aesthetic.

Ergonomics ... If body weight is very, very low, that the handle is, say, "normal", as a result, if the handling of the guitar appears easy because of the weight, and allows pretty acrobatic, it tends .. . to pitch down. Warning! Nothing terrible, it is to get used to not release the handle, that's all.

This gives a good sound easy, since the EMG-HZ pickups are very good passive, which have a sacred potato; over the split allows a wide range of sounds, but I will detail it later.


"-They are suitable to your style of music?"

Absolutely, I play rock - hard rock - metal depending on mood, and no problems.
"- With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?"

Digitech GNX-1 connected to a Peavey Studio Pro 112.
"- What kind of sound you get and with what settings (" crystalline "," bold ",....)?"

Get a big or very big distortion is easy, the grain contributes to the microphones with pleasure. The attack is precise and well made. However, they do not make miracles, and if the gain knob to 11, if the distortion is gross, well it Bavera, no surprise. However they have a sacred fishing gives distortion and overdrive measured over a big fat sound.
In crunch, although this is not my chosen field, same comment as before, the EMG faithfully recreate the attack, the sound is clear.
In his clear, it must immediately debunk: the EMG, as well it sends. The split is very helpful to find a pleasant sound. However, the bridge pickup is a bit too sharp and loaded with high-medium, at once the sound is a bit garish. The tone knob brings the right amount of brightness, however the use of the split is recommended.
"- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?"

A distortion with gain is pushed too high, anyway, pretty ugly and slimy (very grindcore :-|) => blah.
Clear sound on the bridge pickup, not split, will be limited, too loud => blah.

For cons: the distortion (or overdrive) with a reasonable gain (up to 8 ~ anyway) will work more enjoyable. Warning => EMG's are still a little cold, even in the neck position: they are not made to play jazz.


"- How long you use it?"

It'll be more than a month.
"- What is so special that you love the most, the least?"

I love: the look, very beautiful, matt varnish, the handle nice, the overall sound, ergonomics.
I do not like: it pitches down!
"- Have you tried many other models before buying it?"

Some, such as RM 100, and believe me, the EMG make a big difference!
"- How would you rate the quality / price?"

It's not cheap, but I'm pleased ... Honestly, I'm not good at estimating the price of a guitar. Quality is at the appointment, for sure.
"- With experience, you do again this choice ?..."

More ways than one!