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User Review

This one I will not leave! - Reviews Lâg Roxanne Classic

Made in FRANCE! Yep it does then it is more maddening to price ... Coté technical description I think everything has already been said and mine is totally the same origin if one day the famous rejoin SH1 and 4 superb violin but is not yet valid because it already sounds really good like that.
A small tower in the luthier when I bought it to polish the frets and the usual settings.


The handle is a narrow hair, I have big paws too ... The beast is a bit heavy, less than a Les Paul but more than a strat for example. The weight is on the rear making the knees resting on the complicated to manage, but this is a minor position, look for little to no find fault ...


It's just perfect for me that makes a little bit of everything but the choice is rather Blues Rock.


I use it for more than two years and by repeating in concert, I had a lot of guitars and this one will stay with me until I can no longer play with his girlfriend Stat (Japan 83, yeah I know it seems that it is of the japanese shit ... it seems only this one ;-) would probably fade some U.S. that sounds like cutting boards ..) and TV (2003 U.S. one that twang) .

If I had to buy a guitar it would be this one again!