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User Review

nebs's review - Lâg Roxanne Classic

Value For Money : Poor
Mine is 2004 so purchased after the augmention prices by 30% in lag.
I bought it in 1049 euros with a tui.
The guitar had lost in 2004 his table flame maple but gained two sploit on microphones.

- Made in France, even if it is not marked on the guitar but only on the certificate (I lost the way ...)
- Solid mahogany body DETAILEDREPORT in one pice of mahogany. It's heavy but offer sustain ...
- Handle al virtuoso.
- Micro Alnico V Zebra (cream and black) splittable by push pull on both tonalities.
- Wine red finish.

The guitar is a perfect finish as always with Lag but the price is lev.


The best race I've tried both good for blues and solos.
The ergonomics are perfect, double pan oblige.
The guitar is a bit heavy, about as Lespaul. But it is proof of wood quality.
Big sound, it is obtained immediately.


Compared Lespaul my Gibson Faded, the lag is far ahead. It is mightier accuracy of all more nuanced. Not splitt, the sound of the double is bluesy, ideal for heavy rock and jazz.
Once splitt the neck pickup sounds like a P90, is superb.
Position the middle and bridge pickups sound very splitts "Fender" is slamming and lens.
Zebra pickups have a beautiful grain, they are the Gibson 490 Superior power and definition.
The guitar is very versatile.


For 1000 euros you have a large class of violin, worth 3000 euros a Gibson guitar and two in one: a Lespaul Gibson and a Stratocaster. The sound is also very singing PRS fawn ...
At today's prices Lag Time "made in Bdarieux" further augment I tried a Roxane Master 1000 in Mount Di Marzio and does not convince me. I have not liked the finish and the sound of Di's my marzion got too typ Rock / Mtal. For blues / rock, classic it is Suprieure. Increasingly seen finishing is a guitar that will follow you for life ...