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User Review

I'm in love with Roxanne. - Reviews Lâg Roxanne Classic

Does everything said by my collgues, manufactures Bdarieux, beautiful and unique stringed .... Brands Rican legends are envious of.
I prfre also compares his body flat Roxanne normal.
I still have the original pickups.


The handle is gnial to quibble it would be a bit wider for me and hello Nirvana.
It is heavy as the Gibson, the game standing request a long effort.
To play sitting down, it's the cat, the body shape (so pretty) is the center of gravity while the rear, and hop your ass falls without stopping .... I always play sitting, damage .... if not for the rest all is well.


I kept the original pickups, LAG-CUSTOM Alnico 5, manufactured in Kent Armstrong. The neck pickup delighted me by its roundness and warmth, the bridge provides good too. The sustain is amazing, the violin is in the sounds warm, feed, round, crmeux, but not slamming the bass. The Santana sound, all I was looking for. Apparently to restore the Seymour Duncan SH1 and TB4 for which it is not gives him wings, so I think spending a day, especially for JB model in the bridge .... because the LAG-Custom original run I get tired of it yet. On my 50 watt Marshall is that of happiness.


I have since 1997, the violin has not moved, but I have redone a youth on the oxidation of frets, and various spices mtalliques (rust ...). A cleaning and oiling the rosewood of the key. I put chrome surrounds microphones instead of plastic, that my bella!
Its strong points are an exceptional violin, and the sound to match. Missing q'up-grader microphones, and the Les Paul will be jealous ...
In the silent era given the price given the quality (equivalent 600), now there is not a LAG Bdarieux this rate, only the Coren.
I would do if this choice? A thousand times yes!