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Monstruseuse and confusing - Reviews lorin LP junior

Guitar Luthier
replica of a Les Paul Junior Double Cut 1958

Channel acajaou, mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard and Kent Armstrong P90.
A volume and tone (as in the original)


Rather stick around., The profile is relatively similar to that of my lite ash tele but with highs much more accessible.

The guitar is painted white with the handle, and editing was done so as not to feel the thickness of paint on the edge of the handle, at the junction with the key


Question its:

Volume and tone, a single microphone is plugged in brief we put everything back and GOOOOO.

The output level of the Kent Armstrong is monstrous, the coup that difficult to have a clean that is not tinged with a little smile from the guitar like "finished good fun, if you push the gain a bit now ". Clearly, the opposite of my TV.

This scratch is crazy because it expects something nice for no more than to crush a bit of dirty, but not at all. Its register crunch begins to somewhat dirty (the heavy rhythms are clean and friendly too, because in busy medium low).

The song is not at all consistent with the feathers and I love CA.


In both stand up and say "I do not like Gibson," JB Lorin gib but the look is by purchasing quality not marque.Consequence, it is much cleaner and more mounted a modern gibson.

JB is installed aa Lorin Roche sur Yon.

I love the big sound and I would naturally have gone to a scratch a little more brutal, but ultimately it once in the legs it gets a slap.

The guitar is simple and original because we see only very few double cut away.

If you want a super skyscraper without filling the pockets of Gibson shamefully spend a La Roche sur Yon, JB will make something 100 times better.

Photos to come