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M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 Review

Axiom Truth It used to be black and now it's white. M-Audio's controller keyboard is back with a new look and on steroids... read more…

User reviews on M-Audio Axiom products

Wait before you buy it (M-Audio - Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32)

By biteuljiouce, 12/05/2013
The reason I chose it:
- The 32 keys (it's more than 27)
- The promise of a smooth integration with GarageBand and Logic under Mac (that's what the shop assistant told me)
- The cursor movement keys and the transport bar.
- It isn't too big.
All in all, attractive features.


The velocity is preset by default.
The keyboard itself is not unpleasant, but nothing exceptional, obviously.
The (online) manual is pretty clear.
I wonder why not all actions of all keys were specified (in case you use it in edit mode): Surely, to allow the user to make mistakes ... hahaha
The overall setup is a nightmare because the famous "HyperControl" or "DirectLink" technologies, aren't supported by this keyboard with the DAWs I use (GarageBand 11, Logic 9)
It's hard to get any clear and unambiguous information.


I've been using it for a week.
I have spent several hours trying to find a solution. I tried with GarageRemote from 2008, HyperControl/DirectLink 1.0.6, manual configuration in Logic (although I couldn't understand a thing).
I asked in the M-Audio community forums... and got no reply.
To cut it short, I lost a lot of time and I can't return it anymore (the 7-day return period is up). :(
It doesn't hold its promise of an easy configuration.
So, right now, its value for money is pretty bad. I wouldn't buy it again, nor would I trust the shop assistant who sold it to me.

Nice to amuse yourself when traveling (M-Audio - Axiom A.I.R. Mini 32)

By StephDu62, 23/09/2014
32-key master keyboard with 8 pads.
I hesitated getting an AKAI MPK mini, but the keys are really small for my big fingers.
The M-audio seemed better fitted and it turns out it is.

Connections: USB


I'm not a pianist and, to me, the keyboard is very good.
I have fat fingers and it's OK. I wouldn't say it's great, but it's all right.

Concerning the pads, they fell kinda strange. I'll explain myself: Since you don't press anything (it's a sensor), it's hard to gauge the force. But you end up getting it with practice.

The setup is not a problem, however, the transport keys aren't necessarily recognized (I use it with Ableton Live 9), but I still haven't looked into why is that...


I've had it for 6 months, more or less. I bought for the World Music Day to trigger some drum phrases. But I plan to use it more intensively as soon as I have more time.

You can take it anywhere to write songs, it's great. Besides, the IGNITE software that comes with it is simply incredible... And everything fits inside a laptop bag.

Excellent product (M-Audio - Axiom A.I.R. 61)

By nicolaizen, 28/09/2014
The transport panel, and the illuminated key pads, since they help you to know, at a glance, what choices have you made. Usb and Midi connections, pedal (sust) and power line.


Very very easy to install. and start to using it. The only issue I had was with the software i downloaded for the Cubase. They had a Cubase 7 edition and I had the 7.5. During the installation of this program, the software searches a directory of cubase 7 to "drop" the necessary dll files. Since i had no cubase 7 directory, the installation created one. As a result at the end of installation the cubase 7.5 and the keyboard was not working together. So I moved the dll files from cubase 7 directory to the cubase 7,5 and ..... "Problem solved".


Value/money: totally worth it.
I tried a couple but this one was the best at this range of money.
The dedicated buttons for cubase are very helpfull.
Although the keys are semi-weighted i was expecting something closer to a piano touch. Of course I am completely wrong not only because initially i am a pianist so i will always searching for my piano but also because M audio saids "SEMI-Weighted"!!!
Happy for my purchase? Yes, totally!

Axiom 49 Review by C-Los (M-Audio - Axiom 49)

By beatsbyclos, 18/05/2015
M-Audio’s Axiom 49 MIDI keyboard controller is a great board! In my opinion, it’s probably one of the best out there. Producers who are skilled in playing piano gravitate toward this controller for the semi-weighted keys alone. I’ve seen many people from bedroom producers to long-time professionals utilize this controller in their studio, and I definitely understand, and agree, with their weapon of choice.

The Axiom was my second MIDI keyboard controller. I bought it used from a user on Ebay. It served it’s purpose well and though I do not have it hooked up to use in my studio anymore, it is still capable of getting the job done should I need it again. During its time of service, I used this controller for everything from school projects, to commercial productions, and a lot of practicing, all within Logic Pro, Maschine, or a combination of the two. Before I bought the Maschine hardware, I also used the Axiom 49 to program my drums and different instruments I created using vocal samples I recorded. This board also has faders and knobs that useful for setting volumes or automation. I also would use the board to control basic functions within Logic.

The Axiom 49 is very sturdy weighing six pounds. Like many boards this size, the Axiom 49 has nine faders, and rotary knobs, and eight soft drum pads. There’s also a modulation wheel and pitch-bend controller. The thing I like best about this keyboard is the semi-weighted keys. I now use a Nektar Impact controller and I wish I could take the keys of my Axiom and put them on the Nektar controller! I love the feel of playing a real piano no matter what instrument I’m actually playing. It just feels right. The faders are nice to have, but they are limited to being programmed to control one track. If you wanted to control another track you would have to reprogram it to do so. The transport bar is very convenient. Without having to go back and forth in between my keyboard and computer, I can play, stop, rewind, fast forward, cycle, and record right from my keyboard. The other thing I wish I can salvage from this keyboard is the rotary knobs. I love them because they are infinite not having a start and stop point. Because of this, I am able to automate any parameter I come across while producing and mixing music. The only board I know that offers this is Nektar’s Panorama series. The only reason I do not use this board now is because the sensor alignment for my pitch-bend wheel is off and it hinders what I play when creating music. It was so bad at one point, before I realized the real problem, I literally transposed and entire song I did song I made a while ago because I thought that key was off somehow, when in fact the pitch-bend knob was not resting in the “neutral” position when not being touched. Though I can turn it off, I am finding that I desire to use the wheel more often, but it would come at the expense of constantly adjusting.

The Axiom 49 is a great controller, especially for experienced keyboard players. The price is not as competitive as others, but you will get more of the features that you need (and maybe want) by investing in this controller. Forty-nine keys may not be enough for some, but for most this board will exceed expectations.

Semi-weighted keys
Infinite rotary knobs

Be careful when using knobs not to move unwanted parameters

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