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M-Audio Keystation

M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3

User reviews on M-Audio Keystation products

Fantastic basic small keyboard controller (M-Audio - Keystation 49es)

By Chuck_Cohen, 28/09/2019
This one has been my dedicated knock-around key controller, great for playing add-on "supplemental" key parts when I primarily play saxophone at gigs, and for setting the harmonies (via MIDI) to my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 processor pedal. I like the mod-wheels, and it has withstood live use and is still going strong.

Although no longer (M-Audio - Keystation 61es)

By beigemusic, 08/10/2014
Bought by chance, I needed a keyboard master with enough buttons (61)
Connectors usb or midi


Touching a little soft, waterfall-type
You use it, it works, no complex configuration to achieve


I've had 6 or 7 years old, I'm not sure I would do this choice. Current models have more opportunity to interact with the DAW.

I3000's review (M-Audio - Keystation 49e)

By I3000, 03/09/2014
I need a master keyboard with 49 simple and relatively compact keys to be able to adapt to my office / home studio.
I had a power supply and I use only free midi pedal.


The feel is correct. It does its job.
I never opened the manual.


It's been nearly two years now that I use.
I had used some keyboards with fewer keys.
It has just what I need and its price / quality ratio is excellent.
I will make this choice without hesitation.

ejmitra25's review (M-Audio - Keystation 88es)

By ejmitra25, 03/09/2014
I chose this product because of its color black grey and white it matched the color theme of my Macbookpro and my audio interface Steinberg UR44.

This unit is very simple. It has 88 semi-weighted keys, which will give you more like playing an acoustic piano and it has a midi ins/out similar to other controller but i use the USB connection because the cable is much more cheaper

I use the m-audio sustain (sp1) and its compatible


Setting this up was very simple, just plug in play.

i use macbook pro ( mid 2012) 4 gig ram 2.66 quad-core running at osx 10.9.4 and it works very smoothly. my audio recording software that I use is Cubase 7 and theres no compatibility issues

I didnt have time to read the manual because of its thickness. but the unit itself is a plug and play so everything will just work fine


The Cheap plastic feel of its casing irritates me. sometimes i hear crackles when i move it to one place to another. this unit might crack if you fell it accidentally. you must place it to a flat and solid flat-form for the plastic not to squick

I tried Casio keyboard before but my heart is in the m-audio because of its simplicity and support and integration

- Natural feel of keys
- for home studio use

- cheap plastic feel
- it doesn't feel sturdy
-some keys squeaks

News M-Audio Keystation

[Musikmesse] M-Audio updates its Keystations

Published on 03/11/14
M-Audio will introduce tomorrow at Musikmesse the updated 2014 edition of its Keystation MIDI keyboard controllers.

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Published on 08/24/11

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M-Audio Keystation 61es

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