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User reviews on Mandolin products

a good start for mandolin and more! (Fender - FM-52E Mandolin)

By sousleau, 21/03/2014
it is a mandolin made in China or Korea (mine is Korean
it is kind of bluegrass but I play mainly music Corsica above, it has a microphone (poor quality but enough to be transplanted without emm .....


The handle is nice, it's just all over the neck (which is rare for such instruments, but the sustain is not the best I've heard (at the same time it is a first prize)
The sound is acceptable as long as we do not invite crazy mandolin but we play in a directory where the mandolin is 2nd plane


It suits me very well and I play regularly, to do what I do, it is very sufficient. I have some friends, great players who have bought the same never to prender head with their Neapolitan mandolin on stage!


I have not tried many mandolins before you buy, I came across this one, I liked it and I play it for
it is a good instrument for beginners and keeps an interest when we play better!

Good for the price! (Stagg - M40 S)

By gromeul, 23/01/2014
Made in China, the quality is good, nothing fancy but it does the trick! The lifts are not extraordinarily accurate but they keep tuning without worries.


This is my first mandolin so I do not have a notice used to, but after dropping (and changed) the strings over the bridge setting, it is not uncomfortable to play, once considered the small boxes ;-) !
But I guess a mandolin quality should be much better. That said, it does!


I play in a trio of covers and compositions of Celtic influence, it fulfills this role and view it is very loud, I have to be careful not to play too hard when you're in acoustics.


A good mandolin in this price range that is certainly not a "real" quality, but to try this instrument is perfectly suited!
This is not a bad buy!

A case for DIY only (Ozark - 2252)

By onehmouninehl, 15/11/2013
Electro-acoustic mandolin made in Korea, 24 frets, piezo pickup in the bridge (bridge bonded as on guitars), preamp with 3-band EQ and volume, walking with a 9v battery easy to remove.
The table is made of wood (I do not venture to assume if it is solid wood or plywood) pretty enough, the back is made of resin.
The varnish is well established, but there are still traces of glue at the bridge.
The mechanical quality is not great.


The handle is very nice, the bridge and the nut (plastoc) absolutely MUST be set, otherwise the action is too high and virtually unplayable mandolin. This makes (home replacement by bone parts), the game is easy, but despite the cutaway, access to the latest freight is impractical ... On the other hand, apart Grisman, playing beyond the 17th freight??
Pure acoustic sound is not powerful enough lens, with little sustain. Connected, it is very good, with the grain of an acoustic mandolin and a very good record. Good thing it is to play amplified that I took (I have an excellent Kasuga to make acoustic)


The sound suits my style of music, because it is too typical, and the mandolin is quite versatile. The sound is exceptionally beautiful and original, but not bad.


I use it for ten days. I had tried before - as electro acoustic mandolin - a Fender 52s (to avoid: the acoustic sound is crappy, and connected it does not sound very 'mando').
I do not like the glued bridge (that's guitar), the general shape too close to that of a guitar, 10th fret marker placed on the ninth box (like a guitar) - basically I do not like not the characteristics of this guitar mandolin. I love the sound connected directly to the table and the response of the equalizer. Case resin provides strength that will make this my mandolin instrument track (or travel).
At that price, the value is excellent ... At the new price (around £ 200), it is another story, especially if you do not know the bridge and set the saddle itself ...
With experience, I remake this choice at this price point ... Otherwise, if I really had the money, I will turn to a rather Ovation or even more through a Godin A8.

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