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Marshall Anniversary

Marshall Hanwell

Series Marshall

User reviews on Marshall Anniversary products

Really Great Amp!! (Marshall - 1923)

By kreepcamp, 02/08/2019
I own it for a couple of month from now, i've use the DSL before and it's kind of the same but even with the same setting it does't sound exacly the same. I do prefer my 1923 but it's not a huge difference. It's kind of a limited run of dsl with a little kick!

15 years of learning, and finally the holy grail! (Marshall - 1980s JCM1C)

By marvel33, 20/11/2014
1 watt amp, swith0,1watt
Name: Marshall JCM 1980s-1C all-tube, details below:

Series: 50th Anniversary 1 Watt
Type: Electric Guitar Amp
Fomat Combo
Technology: all lamps (2 x + 2 x ECC83 ECC82)
Output Power: 1 Watt
Loudspeaker: 1x10 "Celestion G10N 16Ω
Channel: 1
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Gain Boost Switch, Attenuation Lo Power Switch
Connectors: 6.35mm jack instrument input, 1 x 8Ω output, 1 x 16Ω output
Dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 380 x 220 mm
Weight: 9.4 kg


Played with a Les Paul Tokai Japan, the bliss, most sound settings! There are very easily all the sounds of the late '60s grunge, and even if you do not get a clear fenderien, it is very nice.

The boost associated with the setting of the pre-amp can wander in most styles

The watt is supercharged! peace with its neighbors is played with the gear that allows kept "his";


Goes from blues to rock, hard. It's amazing the range of sounds and the return of the game.

The bass guitar in rock are rediscovered. A good learning tool with the peace of the neighborhood!

2 small flats if the preamp and volume are funds (pre amp works very well 80% and volume up), it's messy, and failed to properly operate a looper for the moment.


I had a lot of guitars, and amp that small powers always lived in the apartment: Epiphone 5w (too powerful), vox AC4TV (too powerful and never had its expected), vox AD20 + (but not bad ) Fender Champion 15 (any) Bugera BC15 and small Orange CR6. The latter two were satisfactory, but light years away from the dynamics of this concentrate JCM800!

My friend always said that electric guitar is not alone half an instrument, hence the importance of the amp; I confirm, thank you for this Marshall playable quality apartment. I 've tried other and have long hesitated with the JMP. DSL in 1 or 5 watts is too modern for what I play. I have been disappointed with the Slash model may be too typical for me.

I use it for 6 months, for geographical reasons I can not compare directly with my other amps or connect with other guitars in the near future. I look forward to playing with my SG classic, and a strat to see what sounds you can get!

In short it's still € 500 watt expensive, but there is no picture! Before the question was how to get out grateux make that sound? The answer was "playing on the 100W Marshall"

THAILAND bargain in Chinatown! There are still some for lovers! :)

It is part of the gear that I will keep

not as good as I thought (Marshall - 1970s JMP1C)

By goldorock, 03/04/2014
I tested this amp in the store with a les paul traditional 2014 with custom pickups 59
100% lamps
this is an amp with a boost and amp 1w but can pass 0.1 w
and volume! no gain! and it's a shame
this is old but if you have no neighbors! 1w and thoroughly> tinnitus insured!
1w: out of the question in the apartment unless you have nice neighbors
0.1 w is playable but not fully either
this is a POWERFUL amp! beautiful dynamic, but I did not like the sound
you should know that this amp gives 100% of its punch with the volume at 10 and 1w

So, without it: a softer sound with less gain


The sound is good
crad but not enough for me
this is neither crad
neither beautiful
I think you have a guitar with powerful microphones
gary moore fan, it will not be enough for me


This is rock, hard rock no more
blues slightly
the sound is a little cold
I'm not say "wow!" therefore, next :)


At first I was going to buy
qq months later, he made me less effect
I think directing me to other models 1w
I think the problem comes from the combo size
would surely sound much better with an external 1x10 1x12 or so, buy the head rather than the combo
this amp is a very attractive but quickly boring actually
not rely on youtube demos
it does not give quite the same sound true
it is softer
I do not do so because the purchase has not convinced me the test and I have yet tested 2 times in several months and low and high volume as what can be amazed the first time, but if we do the second is not, do not buy
can be impressed rhythmic but solo, I was quickly disappointed by the sound quality despite the beautiful les paul

The sound of the 800 home! (Marshall - 1980s JCM1H)

By Zug_metal, 28/03/2014
Single channel 1 watt lamps a 3 band eq gain a volume boost button. A button on the back to reduce power outputs 2 8 and 16 ohms.

An effects loop were not bad but good. The low output is not present and the presence button.


A single channel! well here you play a little on the eq you put the gain (you can even put it back on the head!) and especially with 1 watt you can turn up the volume at least 3 quiet and there as you sound!
You lower the volume on your hip you have the marshall clean.


My thing is the hard rock (acdc airbourne) and the metal of the 80's (gun's, accept, Saxon, metallica etc ...). Ben you're right into it! I had the 800 and 100 watts the sound is really the same (of course without the headroom eh! that you not move the rib cage though ...). The head is sensitive to baffle I had a 2061CX I sound acdc live. Otherwise gain volume 8 3 8 bass mid treb 5 6 sound of balls to the wall! A small od? kill 'em all! or even ride the lightning depending on settings. Warning I have not managed to get the big metal still young with the Fulltone OCD with a lot of gain I'm not far from the sound of load or reload.
In short it is the sound of 800 medium well this thing in your face that cuts into the mix like butter must love me is my thing.


I've had 3-4 months I tried the big brother I wanted and even bought the same at home and what is exactly that! The head is small cute (waf approved!) And it sounds as long ... we put a bit of volume! I think for a head lamp it takes volume to be not squirm. When I want to play it gently simulation but when I put the sound hop jcm 1.

Only downside there is not input low for some red hot when Don is quiet but I did not buy it for that. I wanted the sound of the hard 80's I have at home without taking off the wallpaper.

News Marshall Anniversary

[NAMM] Marshall Turns 50

Published on 01/21/12
Marshall celebrates its 50th anniversary at NAMM with a series of "Celebration" models.