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Marshall Artist

Marshall 3203 Artist 30 [1984-1991]

User reviews on Marshall Artist products

With a Les Paul ... A KILLER! (Marshall - 3203 Artist 30 [1984-1991])

By Dark Touffus, 06/01/2014
Well then begin:
This is a hybrid amp so amplification tube (two EL34) and transistor preamp BUT it has a lamp (12AX7 if I am mistaken) that role reversal phase.

This is 30W but it rocks pretty good I think.

The connectors:
An input-input
It footswitch
-2 Outputs for hps (4 or 8 ohms)
A line-out
And the effects loop

Settings and effects:
For the settings there 9 knobs, left to right: reverb, master volume, bass, middle, treble, volume, tone, volume, gain.

So indeed, there is a footswitchable reverb (which is also reviewing home).


The configuration of the amp is super simple, you plug all, we expected a little lighter and plays! I had no manual or preset with everything.

In terms of sound ... must take time to get the one you want.
With my les paul is simple and bim I plug everything sounds better to set anyhow.
But with my Sg is more difficult, I think with EQ it should be better but I like not had the opportunity to try.

I'm very happy all the same, there is no picture!


I am a repeat with, he did not displease me yet this is hardcore punk to Have Heart.
Otherwise it is a beast for the blues sound is warm and sounds particularly well with my Egmond Lucky 7.

For the settings I have not been around long enough to say it, it looks like this or that.

This amp, I prefer the boost channel, it gives (gain background) just a terrible distortion for a Marshall 1986 I had never seen anything in the genre!

the sounds I like least is when the knob "tone" is not fully or almost I think the sound is serious, down and finally it sounds hurt my ear (matter of taste).


I use it for a week or two on a 1x12 or 2x12. I tried a lot of my amp that much (more than a JCM800 that is to say), the 30W makes it usable without hurting the ears, it is quite light and is the lowest level format as 800 or 900.

I really like the Marshall Grain present even in the distortion!

For value for money ... I can not say I had a good occas', specifically a simple exchange against a guitar.

I would do this choice between miles is a monster sound that is usable!

A good idea, but ... (Marshall - 3203 Artist 30 [1984-1991])

By Frais_d, 21/02/2013
Relatively unknown model, it was the catalog of the series Jcm 800.
it was manufactured from 1984 to 1989.

amp "hybrid" with a 12AX7 and two EL34 (Pramp transistor and power amp tube.
The size of the head is between a jcm 800/900 and a classic handwired.

30 wats, 2 channels, a clear a saturated reverb.

On the rear panel: effects loop, line out, 2 Hp output, impedance selector 4 or 8 ohms;


Configuration simple. Attention footswitch for channel change required


This amp is clearly not unique. A big lack of dynamics, many of breath. The effects loop is easily exploitable. I tried with different preamp (POD, tube preamps, etc ...) and this is where his only interest: only use the power of the amp and bypass the preamp. But the amp blowing a lot even in its light, the result is not epoustouflant.


I kept this amp 5 years, I sold months ago qq AFien for a pittance in the € 200 below the coast. I now have a true ALL lamps, and it is night and day. I believe this amp was definitely not worth more than its side on the second hand market, given what is now as little amps lamps in all different brands.

pataclop's review (Marshall - 4203 Artist [1986-1991])

By pataclop, 03/04/2008
For dtails techniques, see previous ones opinion ...

I prcise even when it is plutt heavy for its size but solid particulirement


Then the use could not be simpler, and this is the lack of ncessairement effects incorporated, 2 channels clean / overdrive with a footswitch + spring reverb.

You plug the jack and go to dcolage


It's a tube amp, saying it has not said everything ... but almost
It is a 30 watt but said it was worth prcdemment or even more than 100 watts transistor in terms of power, in terms of quality is incomparable.
The clean is beautiful, without reaching a Fender amp, but we say personally I find it MORE than adequate.
The gain is fairly monstrous, too for individual use, in my room I do not shoot more than a 2 / 10, which is a shame because the sound is more beautiful when you increase the master ...
Its typical Marshall, big fat saturation that I would call a little vintage into the grain, a pure delight


Bought used for next to nothing is a bargain, I pass on my 15 watt behringer has a I tell you not slap ...

Amp perfect for the rock / hard rock but can also agree to blues and mtal with equipment adquate

frankyp's review (Marshall - 4203 Artist [1986-1991])

By frankyp, 07/12/2007
Tubes (2 EL34 and a 12 AX7) small but powerful, output 30 watts, sounds a lot more.  8 ohms Speaker (CELESTION VINTAGE 30) if used alone, it's important to click into 4 ohms when you add an 8 ohm external speaker.
Large rooms: one below and pan baffle 412/8ohms: the slap of 5 HP! small clubs, RPET? single lightweight (but tough trs)!
that 8 / 10 because of the feeble transformer.


The clean channel is clean enough (hybrid circuit) without being Fenderish (less bass and treble, more mediums) and channel drive a <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>big sound Marshall lamp:</strong></span> the control pedals as the old reverb ressort.Pas effect on it (design 1989-1990). I use it with my Gibson Les Paul Custom or my DK2T Jackson (with Seymour Duncan US)

Correction 2010: 450 sold with accessories, to finance a 2 bodies.


For the boogie or rock and hard rock. Metal? why not with the right pedals ....( metal muff ...)
The sound is not crystal clear. prfrez for a fender. Clearly, powerful and clean.
The sound can be saturated crunch, overdrive or distortion really. But when winning is the bottom, little opportunity to vary the power.


Used since its purchase in 1989 as well as a group in orchestra if one is being protected a little strong. No tube changes from the purchase.
Attention: Once the capacitor grill.
6/12/07: Important: Do not impede air circulation! my fly was too closed and I had problem of oxidation of the circuits! <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Alain Lafon me everything again step by step</span> ... <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>this</strong></span> fragile <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>oxidation</strong></span> that I put no 10/10

I also have a Hot Rod in 1999 (all United States) whichis more reliable and with better clean sound serious.
and also a Peavy classic 30 head with a big cab 212 I like!