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Marshall B30

User reviews on Marshall BassState products

Qill's review (Marshall - B65)

By Qill, 11/09/2012
Marshall 65W Bass Amplifier transistor
1 input 1 input active and passive
1 volume
1 gain
1 bass
1 treble
1 comp
5 1 EQ band
One loop effect
1 output ext




The sound is not at all accurate, there is a grain particular we feel that it is tailored to make the rock, it still is not worth a grain Ampeg must be not screwed, the 5 band EQ allows some awesome sound but what ... more it's not going very far, 5 Band is still very light
The integrated compressor is not worth a good pedal, it is useful to start then when we have a good pedal EBS or other types Comp immediately that the amp seems very feeble
Slap in the game rendering is very average, to play blues or rock where it does a little better, but here is what ...


This is a good amp started in the apartment 65W are sufficient for this purpose, and after that group died with a drummer and a guitarist is not even worth thinking about
Marshall is very good especially for guitarists, after Bass is not there or they are the best, it's not worth SWR, Ashdown, Ampeg ... brief specialists Bass amp, if it is not again I would do it, and it is better to save something, I should also after it is all the same price

versatility at home! (Marshall - B30)

By TwangAddicted, 25/05/2011
see above! ;) Just been said! 30 W transistors basic!


super simple, 3 knobs, one quickly finds the desired sound! the knobs are pretty accurate.


I mainly play 2 basses, a fretless Squier vintage modified JazzBass, equipped with duncan designed, precision and on a copy of Chevy brand, bought secondhand y '12 + years!
pleasantly surprised, the sound is round, warm enough to wedge in this small committee, perfect to rehearse at home! I play a bit of everything, mostly rock oriented and derivatives, from soft to hard, and what I expect it is perfect!
I also use it for my guitar (Danelectro dano pro, ibanez rg 320 and a copy of telecaster improved) it brings a depth of bass and I'm not on my or my 15w marshall roland dx 15 dac! with a little crunch or a big metal distortion it is excellent! In short, very versatile!


I've had 2 years, bought 12 euros in (!!!!!) brac, supposedly HS! I plugged in returning, it worked, but I still open to check, I just had to redo a solder and slammed it from the top! he stoically endured all the treatments that I inflict, from transport to evening jam sessions bluntly!
difficult to compare this is my first bass amp, before I played live on a sound system connected locally, sometimes on the torque 100w a dude, so ...
at that price the value for money is always excellent, I can not find her fault! so maybe the plastic feet on the amp a bit fragile ...
but even at its real value I think this is a good amp!

D-Phlex's review (Marshall - B65)

By D-Phlex, 08/10/2010
I will leave you to go see other views on this ...


This amp is very easy to use and can easily find a sound balance. Well, of course typed enough basic ... Marshall is the ... but still the classic and equalizer settings give a wide enough range of possibilities for taking the time to find what he seeks. I will add an extra point for the addition of the compressor which is, in my view, a nice enough (even if it's not a black or other finger, eh! Do not dream either ... &% &%&%&% At the sound, it sounds. And even though "I made Grindcore, Hardcore and even post-rock with my accuracy and this little box. He bore it all without flinching. Sounds clear distortions, overdrives ... even my wah-wah which rocked yet powerful bass. Ha, it was the right time ... it's plug and play. sometimes I come to regret it. We change of stuff for the most expensive assets, you exult and be filled with nostalgia resumed his old amp and found that it sounded still not bad for the price (under 600 € at the time).

Come on, finish the coup de blues because there is still a big downside: it's a bit too light in repeated without proper amplification. 65W in a room where the drummer and guitarists think they are stupid and we can not hear! And it's still a little heavy.

So OK at home or on stage but not in a basement or garage.


I think I've said everything above. It is compact and good workmanship. Of course we regrettra the absence of an ID and one or the other thing available right now on the amps built after the 2000s but I love this little amp. Maybe it's because it's my first ... I know nothing but its faults seem insignificant in relation to services rendered.

Thank you Marshall

Zerothe(bass)hero's review (Marshall - B65)

By Zerothe(bass)hero, 08/07/2010
Bass amp 65W (real), made in England (it's not nothing!).
Has 2 inputs (act / pass), effects loop, output to table mix.
Equalo 5 bands + 2 knob bass / treble. Volume gain.


This amp does not have: DI Given his age, is normal.

Baffle 10 ", about 25kg. Very good" violin ", dense wood. Top handle.


Config extremely simple, like all good bass amp. The sound is huge for a 65W, not so much by the power delivered, quite modest, but this amp is "right" even pushed into a corner. No feedback, buzz, tremors suspects.


The transistor's no shortage of heat on this workhorse. Low soft and round, sharp slap. The comp and the équalo help sculpt the sound you want. Nothing to say.

It complies with the various low, active or passive they fit inside.


Used in recent weeks, this amp is entirely satisfactory for work at home. His true watts and its ability to remain "law" should enable use as a preamp stage or before the PA (for those playing online), because the sound is excellent, either as part of a music not too upset (genus acoustic guitar + bass mounted flat yarn), without a drummer or his modest power will be offset by the sound free of distortion.

He replaced a horrible **** Behr 300W on which I worked and who made me doubt my babasses every time.

9 because it lacks an ID, an outlet baffle Supp, who might have been nice (for ptites scenes). But to hit Euro 99 ... This is a detail.