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Marshall DSL 2012

Marshall DSL40C

User reviews on Marshall DSL 2012 products

The best Marshall in a long time, a very versatile tone monster and a future classic (Marshall - DSL40C)

By chotabacha, 11/06/2016
I play mainly progressive rock and fusion however I also amuse myself with classic rock, blues and metal. This DSL40c came after a long string of amps, most of them good in their own right, that for one reason or another did not meet my requirements.

Anyway this is a serious tone monster that has a good enough transformer and power supply to sound very nice played very very quietly at home or tearing the roof off a stadium. It is capable of delicate cleans but can also do the deepest, heaviest most monsterously bassy power chords. At full volume it would drown out the loudest drummer.

It has a lot of versatility and can go from clean to beautifully overdriven and all the way to heavy metal of at least the 90s. With a guitar with humbuckers it can do modern metal as well.

The nice thing is that he tones are all so rich and fully of harmonics. The amp is very touch sensitive and reacts very well to picking intensity.

It took about a month of playing for the amp to really reach its full potential.

About the only cons of this amp are the weak reverb and the fact that it is extremely heavy, probably because of its awesome build quality.

The amp has been completely without any faults since I have had it and this is one beast I am never selling.

Very good Marshall amp for home use, even it if has a couple of weaknesses (Marshall - DSL5C)

By goldorock, 06/12/2014
This amp produces some splendid clean sounds.

Channel 1: It has a very good clean sound, not thick, not hyper-warm but, it's very clean and very nice.
Plus, you can have a very good and powerful crunch if you push it.
You could say it's for blues and rock, ac/dc etc.

Channel 2: I think it lacks treble and even some gain.
And especially a 12" speaker, but it's not bad at all.
Gary Moore isn't too far :) in his heavy metal phase.

This amp is truly excellent for heavy metal rhythm guitar (with scooped mids): It's what I would get for '90s hard rock/heavy metal (with the Tone Shift button engaged), because its sound is powerful.
Good dynamic response, to play some blues à la DSL.

On the other hand, if you crank up the mids (the high mids), the sound isn't nice, in my opinion.
So forget Santana and company.

To warp it up: If you are looking for a fat, powerful, dry overdrive that doesn't have a dip in the low mids,
this isn't the amp for you.

But, if you want to play Bon Jovi and similar sounds requiring punch, gain and a heavy sound, it's almost perfect! (otherwise, try a JVM).
Blues might be possible: A mix of blues and heavy metal, but blues in the Fender, Laney or Vox sense, no.

Do note that, like with many amps that have a 1/5w switch, you lose quite a bit in the high end
in 1w mode, so you'd better play in 5w.

I think the output power is manageable for home and it's pretty versatile, but the distorted sound is pretty modern and powerful, I'd say '80s and '90s.
It doesn't have that old-school Marshal sound, instead you get mid lows to play fast and powerful riffs.

The Marshall sound I was looking (Marshall - DSL40C)

By -KNF-, 24/11/2014
It is an all-tube amp
40W, 20W splittable in
An integrated reverb


It is easy to get a sound okay but not great. We are pleased with his purchase, but we say that € 715 was not the deal of the century.
That's when I tried to dig all the possibilities of this amp. And I found my happiness.
You have to be a little resourceful!


This amp is PERFECTLY my style of music!
I play it with a Gibson 70's Tribute GT and a 1956 Epiphone GoldTop.

Clear sound:
It's really good. Not as good a Fender, but for a Marshall he is doing very well. It is perfectible, but really enough! It's not like this is crunch quickly criticized on many Marshalls.

The sound OD1:
This is where I find my account. I play a register Hard Rock Old School (GN'R, Slash, etc.)
So I do not have a very powerful distortion but a crunch on vitamin. Say good good punchy overdrive. I really have a proper definition. But notes cling bind perfectly. It is readable and absolutely no draft. Acute (contrary to what I've read) does not shatter ears. I use a Boss GE-7 Equalizer to refine all that, and I am very satisfied.

The sound OD2:
Here ca pulls the distortion, it's messy. I did not find my account on this channel, it does not convince me. I am descended from one floor and returned to the OD1 channel.

PS: The reverb in clean is good, but a little small. As against the OD channels, it is non-existent.


I use it for 5 months now. What I like the most, the OD1 channel, of Old School and many péchus. What I like least, non-existent reverb DO and OD2 channel too rough.
I tried a few models. At the lamps I tested the Fender, the EVH, the Egnacter. This is my first tube Marshall (I had a MG100DFX, who was sick. And Valvestate VS265R, which was good, very good, but below the DSL40C)
I also had a Peavey VYPYR30 before that, I did see the difference! DSL is much better.

Not easy to find a good all-tube amp worthy of the name. I like the Marshall grain but I was not attached to that mark. I found my happiness.

If it again, I will try rather the DSL15C, Because 40W, 20W in even split, that's a lot to my apartment. I do not do more scene.

But anyway I'm not disappointed with the DSL line. At which point I plan to do more than change the amp.

opinion very reserved about buying (Marshall - DSL15C)

By pierrot36, 01/10/2014
Chinese sturdy construction but fragile knobs like all marshalls
540 euros


Very easy to use, powerful enough by repeating and not very heavy, that's why I bought it and especially to avoid wearing my mesa 30kg by repeating!
as a back can not be repaired lol idiot, trairement to an amp
amp drive of about 15kg


correct sounds without value but nothing special!
I find very clear any channel!
we arrive at slightly cruncher build on the clean channel but with a humbucker guitar or type SG
So for sound acdc on clean channel, as shown in marshall, I doubt it! anyway!
channel gain largemetn with enough gain!
I play mainly slight crunch or supported


amp daily work alone, automatic standby !! at the beginning, I was scared!
Use low volume at home
I just bring mine from my dealer after two months of low usage
cuts his untimely after 1 hour of play !! is a once hot amp (phenomenon observed over 1 week) as if you went into standby automatically !!
problem I do not know, especially !! defective lamps or components
may be I found defective amp, I do not know, I expect that will tell me MARSHALL
heureuesement it's not in group and concert !!
So for reliability, some work!

News Marshall DSL 2012

The Marshall DSL5C will ship in January 2014

Published on 12/09/13
Marshall will add in January, 2014 the DSL5C 5W valve guitar combo to the Dual Super Lead Series.