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Marshall JCM800

Marshall 4211 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989]

User reviews on Marshall JCM800 products

Brilliant (Marshall - 4001 Studio 15 [1985-1992])

By flossman, 06/03/2015
I'm primarily a rock and blues guitarist, and my co-guitarist and I maintain what you'd call a "roving line of trade credit," but I ended up trading him about $600 worth of gear for it (don't worry, he knew the amp's value!) and I can say, quite literally, this is the amp I'll shuffle off this mortal coil with.

I usually play a '63 Strat through it, but I also use a telecaster and an SG, and it makes everything sound amazing. The mid control is really the key to this amp. I've kept the bass at 10 for 5 years now because, well, it's a Marshall, but I always fiddle with the treble and mids. Want a clean tone? Put the mids around 2, the treble to taste, and crank the gain. Want a Vox tone? Mid around 6, treble to taste (for me it's around 6), and the gain at 4 or 5. Full-on Marshall your style? Crank everything to 10. Even that sounds amazing.

I realize I'm gushing about this amp like I built the thing, but I spent almost 2 decades chasing a tone like this. No matter your style, if you find this amp and can afford it GET IT! You won't regret a single note.

Plexi sound / look JCM800 (Marshall - 1959 JCM800 Super Lead [1981-1989])

By paul1179, 23/11/2014
It is the same circuit and the same functionality as the JMP Superlead, in a wider frame and in a headshell of JCM800. Mine dates from 1983.


As simple (and complicated) without a marshall master volume can be: the holy grail of the saturation natural EL34 is at hand but good guitar, good booster, good attenuator and good speaker required.
Typically the kind of amp whose best part will be drawn with some infrastructure around and a little experience.
I put a detachable PPIMV above, I recommend this mod.


Everything has been said on the subject.
It's simple it is the sound that everyone is looking to have.
The model reissue 1959SLP gives a good idea of ​​what can be drawn from this amp even if the Superlead the 70's and 80's still have better components (input transformer and output in particular).


It is a model that I'm glad I found at a decent price.
Compared to my Superlead JMP 1977 is a bit more bright and punchy.
I think if I had to keep one of the two would be one, if only for its rarity.

Marshallian to possible! (Marshall - 2210 JCM800 Split Channel Reverb [1982-1989])

By CautionHot, 08/10/2014
It's an old Marshall 1987 JCM800 a two channels. 100 watt, with peak 150w thoroughly. An effects loop and a DI output.

For what I do, I play on how "boost" which is saturated sound. The volume of my guitar allows me to move to a clear sound.


Simple setup, the sound is the volume (meaning that the amp does not sound pushed not very good). A real Marshall difficult to operate at low volume attenuator off (I, SPL reducer). Excellent sounds are obtained truly versatile


The amp suits a lot of style. It has a different sound from 2203-04 and many people prefer it. The effects loop is a more sacred if a delay and chorus just to play 80's on food.

I use different guitars (Telecaster, Les Paul, emg in duncan, ...). In fact I like to play with just the amp overdrive to magnify the sound. The sounds I get are .. Marshall. To give you an idea, listen to Michael Schenker's recent live. He plays in 2205, so the 50w. The sound is exactly that!


I traded my Mesa Rectifier combo against head + 2 December 'vintage Marshall. I do not regret at all, since the amp is more my style of game very 80's. I like his side plug and play, not need 36 effects for a versatile thing, it really is a killer amp. Amps I've tried a bunch and it's this one that I like (for now!)

incredible (Marshall - 2203 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989])

By, 22/03/2014






amp legend incredible, many breath back but the marshall crunch is, this amp really one that is expected of a marshall (nothing to do with the crunch of the current amplifiers).
I used the one to rock with a pedal overdrive / boost for metal / hardcore.
the amp also has a clear sound (low input) pretty standard, nothing spectacular but enough for more polyvalance with pedals.

Only inconveniant (if one is in has!) You have to play very, very hard to make it sounds ...

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