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Marshall JTM

Marshall 1959T JTM100 Tremolo Super Lead [1965-1967]

Series Marshall

User reviews on Marshall JTM products

Marshall JTM600 and an old Crate 4x12. (Marshall - JTM600 [1996-1997])

By AaronPaulOrvis, 17/01/2015
This is the second head I had ever purchased and my first all tube. My first was a solid state Fender Stagemaster and it blew on me and this combo fell into my lap for what I thought was dirt cheap. Five-Hundred bucks for the head and cab. The JTM600 was awesome when I was playing it through a buddies "Rhino" 4x12. I was using that combo when I was in a hardcore band and it blew me away. The Rhino just had better quality speakers than the Crate. Overall this Head has never given me problems and made it through two one-month tours in 07-08 and I still use it to this day. New Tubes obviously but that's all that I've to fix in it.

I like his tone, great (Marshall - JTM312 [1995-1997])

By eric.leobet, 26/06/2013
all clean 30w lamps / reverb saturated medium volume severe acute master


easy to use effective knob, excellent in its beautiful harmonic clean, warm, crystalline,
saturate the 80's 90's I like but it is a matter of taste, must try!


I play with Ibanez Artist AM50 good return attacks, and jazz style gibson nigthhawk for Police, U2 ect styles, and the more saturated fat.


I use it for 17 years, the age I wanted a Gibson and a Marshall and I have never revendrais.

Dr Sly's review (Marshall - JTM622 [1995-1997])

By Dr Sly, 06/02/2013
60 watts tube amp with a clean channel and a distortion channel.
quite heavy, the previous owner of mine had to put intelligence casters, I thank him.


no manual, very simple configuration, two separate settings for distortion / reverb setting clear + (which I put to zero but that's because I do not like reverbs), the clean sound is excellent, and well as distortion ( but I no longer use, now I rather use a boss ds1).


I use it with an Epiphone DOT Studio and a Boss DS1. I play the song and it sounds French punkifiée nickel. at the beginning I used the distortion of the amp but I find it a little too feeble for what I want to play (but that is purely subjective and should be acknowledged that this is a good distortion anyway) where I play with ds1.
before buying it I tried it with various guitars magazin where he was deposit-sale (Telecasters, gibsons ... and even a dobro ozark) and guitars sound great above. Used in concert and rehearsal, it is nickel!


amp not super young but far from senile! it suits me perfectly in rehearsal or concert he fills his role well with the volume between half and a quarter, at home it is rare that I (I leave the rehearsal room) but nothing that 'by playing 0.5 sound is great and stronger, I feel that the building will collapse. if it fits my style, I think it can also adapt to almost any style, her first concert he served throughout the evening to several groups with different styles (noise, rock, ska, punk) and exercised its functions very well so he can be versatile.
in fact it is the amp that I needed to start and I put my vest top el plugging my dobro and this is the fact that the distortion was the only one not do to me larsenner pushed to consider buying.

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New Marshall Custom Offset guitar stack

Published on 04/22/13
The Marshall Custom Shop will launch in May 2013 the Custom Offset guitar amp stack, a 1W tube model available in limited edition.

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