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Marshall Lead

Marshall 5005 Lead 12

User reviews on Marshall Lead products

DjCaylus's review (Marshall - 5005 Lead 12)

By DjCaylus, 01/11/2014
Combo full transistor - Equipped with a Celestion guy G10D25 3535-10 "8ohm (all good Celestion)

Conectiques: Hi or Low gain inputs - HP / Output phone

12w into 8ohm

Gain / vol / Tremb / Med / bass


Very simple configuration

We get a clean sound easily.


I found a trash electrical outlet ... to cut it back to life 2euro + a shot "Kontakt 60" in the knobs. ;)

I was just in a corner looking more psychedelic sounds and tap my foot a little, he prepared very well in the game;) I still fan lamps, but for a transistor amp it leaves a very distinctive sound and "spatial ".

The open back provides a more distributed in space sound less directional than a closed box. The sound is also more "loudness / treble" or my other combo box. I use it mainly in HiGain but clean sound from my pedal and I put almost all the time a compressor in order to avoid saturating the transistors.

I play with Gibson Lp Florentine Epi LP, Fender Am Special. CryBaby wah pedal Fasle, Vox stomb labIIG.

I like its clean sound and low diffuse more "loudness". I do not like the cruncher, it saturates dishamoniquement too fast. End of the race and gain a breath of crazy flight arrives before a shame because the sound is clean.


2/3 months of use, it became my amp room.

I found on a garbage can. I have a Vox AC4TV + cabinet, a head egnater all in full 15w lamps. Marshall is a little gift from the universe;) Fun to work other sounds;)

+ Easy to play low volumes and diffuse well in the room. Sound neutral to use the pedals. Its nice the open back. Very good speaker.
- Nothing to say to find that my couté 2euro the plug;)

Indestructible! (Marshall - 5002 Lead 20)

By hemogloben2, 08/02/2014
20w amp transistor, made in the 80s.

2 inputs (high and low), 3-band EQ, gain, volume, 1 line out / HP

No effect, no footswitch.


The simplicity of plug and play before time ..

The clean sound is not bad, pretty hot for a transistor rather bold.
Pushing the gain obtained a very good saturation style AC / DC, Led Zep, slash.

It is powerful, I sometimes took him to repeat when I have not the courage to move my body double JVM 410H + 1960A
It lacks a little low (it is a 10 HP), but it's still the job.


It is made to rock.
To work at home it does it well.
I use it with Les Paul (the grain is excellent with Seymour Duncan Alnico II Slash)


it's been 20 years that I have, in small extra amp.
I've never specifically provided, so I can ensure that it is indestructible!
Its power, grain and light weight make it a good traveling companion.

I have no idea of ​​the price, it had given me.
I do not separate, it has already given me many services. I always take with me in concert in case my head JVM has a problem. I know it, it will work. Besides, I had the opportunity to do a concert with him in a bar of 100 people without being transplanted it perfectly fits the bill!

The only downside is the single channel. to go from clean to saturated you have to turn the gain manually, or play with the guitar volume. A habit ...

In short, if you come across one, try it, you will be surprised!

its true (Marshall - 5002 Lead 20)

By luca vatar, 16/10/2013
same as for the previous opinion I had bought for the name and for transport, the 20 watt transistor, used to play in a small group (guitar, bass, drums singer) by elevating the ground (caf conc by expl ). sound, which is the transistor but high volume is downright stunning, even in clean, a fenderien its very well done there I was playing purple rain for the girls and that it was a sacred feedback has also . he is 87 and I believe that the quality is so well, there is more and I keep ...


config, good sound manual, yes


with a strat and les paul, its a bit cold at the base he needs volume


1987 - 2013 equal, full of dust and stains beer

Astonishing! (Marshall - 5005 Lead 12)

By mezzoBlues, 02/10/2012
12w tube amp with a nice bowl celestion 12 inch inside.
3-band EQ very effective gain and volume.
Two entrances, one High and Low, which makes the crunch more or less easily, and also affects the overall volume.
We also have a line output, the classical sum.
Most have been a reverb, but I quibble for nothing as it is already very good.
Nice facade with pretty buttons.


Very simple to use who knows an amp, the settings are minimal, just enough for an amp of study.
The grain is gradual at first and rises suddenly limit, sending it severe blow, but it is accompanied by a breath quite annoying, but not insurmountable, it is quite normal with such a level of gain, especially since I played with a telecaster (microphones so simple).
The amp tends to be very "trebly", makes you care to drop it in general, especially as it can be very high to the point of pain!
Otherwise, we easily obtain a plethora of sounds potable hot and well, it all approach lights, but over time you realize that it is the transistor.
Apart from that I like the sound enough gain separate volume allows for a clean sound at high volume advantage by transistors against you will not find in a Marshall Class 5 for example, or the rise in volume is automatically accompanied by a rise in gain.


So I am not someone who plays a lot of styles, with a strong tendency towards solos.
As discussed above, high gain it tends towards the distortion without really being, it should be accompanied by a pedal history to reach the high-gain some want.
For blues and rock on the other hand, nothing to say, it is very good.
It has a lot of volume elsewhere, especially with the gain above half, enough to compete with a drummer too muscular.
I also never use double coils, the sound is very good, very hot and you can feel the character of each guitar that branch there.


I've had a little over a year now, I got not too expensive, I tried Hughes & kettner edition blue that totally sucked the TWANG of my guitar, no heat and more trebly (it there is bad), if I had a fender champion 600, but the lack of equalization makes it unusable because it offers a very dull with my telecaster. The Marshall is the middle, although I always look on the side of tubes All rehearsals and concerts pub or club.
So yes I remake this choice, for 110 euros is excellent, especially that a priori it does not run the streets.