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Marshall MA

Marshall MA412A

User reviews on Marshall MA products

The sound of the legend. (Marshall - MA50C)

By Barbecuecitron, 14/08/2013
Marshall Amp-100W lamps.

-A guitar input, the beast is a socket for the footswitch, ansi another for loop etc ...

Presence of a stand-by and a reverb.

-Two separate settings for both channels are also footswitchables (the boost is also).


Setup is simple, the sound is directly worthy of a Marshall clean the lens may be a desire for what is OverDrive channel, it goes from its blues / rock pretty vintage has a big hard rock, guns n roses, stopping at the gates of metal, because you can really get a satisfactory result in distortion of matter (the nightrain guns passes wonder).
It will sometimes push the volume a bit (and I mean a little) to get into a real sound has lamps (normal you tell me) without taking off your wallpaper.


It should be my style of music because I play a lot of Guns n roses, being a fan of Slash, who plays Marshall, I am very satisfied with the range it offers, I also love the blues, but I do not play no metal.
Coupled my Epiphone has equipped itself gibson 57 classic I can tell you that it sends the pate!
Before buying online (used) I was a little apprehensive with respect to the quality this amp being given that opinions are mixed, and often negative, which aileurs is absolutely not I find justified.
I decided to buy it after hearing it (gewerh44, a guitarist that I discovered on youtube uses for all his videos, I suggest you to go if you are interested and you have no opportunity to try it, it is thanks to him that I have chosen, I have absolutely no regrets!)


I use it for two weeks and
it is simply huge!
It really is very versatile, this is what I like a lot at home, you can play everything (for the good hard metal are planning a pedal anyway).

This is my first tube amp, before I played a Peavy Vypyr 15 is a day / night, I took a blast to play since I'm acquiring this very-large-Marshall, j 'I also tested a few amps before buying as the Hot Rod deluxe Fender (which is also good, but more expensive).

/!-Note that I bought used for 350 € and the price / quality ratio is established from this.


-The incredible versatility of this amp

-The excellence of his marshall

-The 100W lamps very manageable at home, contrary to popular belief-!
(For comparison the sound is also easy to manage with my Peavy vypyr (15w modeling)

The price-quality ratio

The comfort-100W to repeat / play with a group.

-The design (I find super class, the Marshall logo is for something)


-The size is big

-The weight and very heavy

In short, this comparison shows all the good things about this amp, the sound of the legend reach of every budget, a killer to try as soon as possible, see for yourself if you can in store, otherwise look on internet, I hoped to have helped you to choose, in any case I do it again this choice rather than ten times!

Super versatile amp (Marshall - MA50C)

By Xlog, 19/11/2012
It is an all-tube amp 50w DELIVERING, possessing 2 channels, integrated reverb, an effects loop and speaker outputs different.

Clean with adjustable volume, bass, mid, high.
Overdrive with Gain, Drive, Bass, Mid, High, Volume.

A reverb control, presence and resonance of

The small button for a boost in saturation as footswtichable channels.


The amp is relatively simple to handle, the manual is clear and precise.
Once you plug the amp and guitar, clear channel immediately it falls on a clear, dry, clean and precise, careful pat his ears who has the nasty habit of typing a big blow for mediator test the sound will quickly become disillusioned.

The clean channel is clear and does not saturate or almost no (a 3/4 volume) is ideally suited to all styles if you like a clean sounds / dry but the bass response.

For the overdrive channel was right ACDC good for reference, the Marshall sound par excellence, the various controls play their roles, and the boost button allows to multiply the gain of the high-pass gain, we crossed distortion (without a rectifier happen here talking about marshall)

The effects loop is simple and effective. For distortion I plug my MT2 in the loop and I live up the volume of the clean channel, which adds grain lamps on my foot for a typical lamp monstrous power, the sound is very more I grain ( What normal!)


I play everything from blues, pop, rock and a lot of metal.

This amp is perfect for everything except the metal even if it can be done, but this is not his area of ​​expertise.

Clearly the clean / dry clean, overdrive and bold typed british marshall. With a delay and distortion in the effects loop on any style is adorned in all circumstances with all his lamp.


I use it for over a year now, and this is my amp that impressed.
I tried several amp with my Mark IV, fenders, ibanez and others.

I love the sound of my marshall, I saw many negative view above and yet I have nothing but good avec.Son strong point is the clean channel.

I regret buttons and plastic jack makes it a bit fragile and "cheap". I have a spring noise when I play at high volume (reverb or lamp?) I never knew where it came from.

The amp is in prices seen Characteristics. We pay a lot even when the brand. I think that in the future I would buy a model for deemed or fender before but I expect that loose head and i hope that it will never happen.

the best value for money (Marshall - MA100C)

By alex95310, 21/04/2012
All lamp: 3 x ECC83 and 4 x EL34.
- 2 channels
- 3-band EQ per channel independent.
- 1 volume control per channel.
- Boost knob (gain and volume) with switch on / off the boost.
- Effects Loop.
- Comes with a footswitch


configuration is simple and we obtain the desired sound very quickly


Parshall all tube sound


the best value for money for an all-tube combo

Just trash (Marshall - MA100H )

By iamqman, 18/08/2011
Marshall MG 100 amplifier is a cheaper version of some of the other amplifiers and Marshall has done before. This is an all tube amplifier but it really doesn't sound like a tube amplifier in my opinion. It doesn't have the fell or punch enemies to lexi amplifier. This just doesn't have feel the touch in the dynamics and I'm used to in pretty much every other Marshall amplifier I've ever played before. To me this thing is just plain garbage and the price you're asking for is not exactly what I would have in mind when it comes to the tone voicing this amplifier.



100W of all-tube Marshall tone
2 channels
3 ECC83 preamp tubes
4 EL34 power tubes
Independent volume and 3-band EQ controls per channel
Gain, Crunch, and Balance controls on OD channel
Master Presence, Resonance, Reverb controls
Spring reverb
Serial effects loop
Footswitch included


It does have some decent modern features such as the balance controls on the overdrive channel as well as the presences control for the power section. This allows you better dial in the voicing in tone of your sound you're looking for. This is a two channel amp that has for pop EL34 power tubes in it. You also get a spring reverb and a serial FX loop and it's all controlled via this foot switch that is included with you.

The Thomas amp is not that special and it just does have that martial quality I like to hear have the amps that I've played from Marshall. Doesn't feel the dynamics or anything associated with any other Marshall amplifier I've ever played. I just feel like this amplifier is a terrible representation of what Marshall stands for. It just doesn't have that feeling tell him that I like to hear.


It doesn't really matter what are you playing this amplifier with it just doesn't sound natural or authentic. At new these amplifiers come in at around $799 which is a little over priced for what you get my opinion. Peavey has such a better amplifier for this same so I would go with the Peavey amplifier over this such as a 5151 6505 amplifiers from Peavey. Those are much better sounding and much more usable than this amplifiers.

News Marshall MA

Marshall Announces MA Series Guitar Amplifiers

Published on 10/20/09
The MA Series amps are dressed in the traditional Marshall black and gold, and emblazoned with the white Marshall logo.