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User reviews on Marshall MG4 products

Surprising! (Marshall - MG15FX [2009-2011])

By Ptit Troll, 08/09/2014
Modeling 15W, 4 Channels (Clean / Crunch, Overdrive 2) Bass / Mid / Treble, Volume / Master (...), 4 effects (Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Phaser). All in one, for the price it's great!
Footswitch / programmable tuner, great!


Finding a good when the first uses was to complicated, I must say that I have not read the manual.
Once accustomed to the beast you can get all the sound you want without adding pedals!


I mainly play everything (except heavy metal that rips the wallpaper), a lot of blues, blues / rock, some sounds with distos (Steve Vai way ...)

Touching setting we reach really have a good sound warm bluesy well clear, and a great crunch!
In terms of overdrive, the first is nice but I quickly replaced by a metal BOSS area.
The second overdrive is really not top (for my taste), so dirty!

So for the price necessarily the effects are not always the pedals:
- Chorus pretty bad, although at very very very small doses it can do
- Flanger and Phaser really not great, but to discover these effects
- Delay great !! nothing to say, I have my Boss Digital Delay plugged in but I'm using almost no delay so the amp is simple to set up and really nice.
- Great and good progressive Reverb!

I play with a Squier Stratocaster Made in Japan (1996) and a Custom 77 Hollowbody CS4, the amp sounds great with these two guitars.

The only really heavy stuff, the volume increases substantially change the channel ... overdrive footswitch activated it's great but if you should lower the volume every time the footswitch is useless ...


I use it for only 4 years apart, many times and he has disappointed me on big distos (ie 1/20 of what I play).
A very good amp for the price, give him a BOSS BD-2 and / or a Metal Zone and you have a combo of fire, what to do for a few years (to start or not).

Amp travel very typical marshall (Marshall - MG2FX)

By dabronico, 12/07/2014
Modeling amp 2 Watts.
10 analog modes: 1 clean, 3 Crunch, 3 saturation, 3 large overdrives in each section giving a preference to the treble, mid and bass.
5 effects a chorus potentiometer, flanger, phaser and then separate reverb and delay.
2 Come: Guitar and ESA in + mp3
1 headphone output that mutes the speaker.
1 handle.
operates with 6 large batteries or AC power adapter with.
Tuner that takes into account each string and fat to a small indicator displays the note you play.
4 potentiometers, one button and one indicator. Each potentiometer 2 functions with accéssible secondary function by pressing the small button: we have: type of amp gain, effect, volume, and simultaneously pressing the small button bass, treble, reverb and delay.
Ideal for play in without disturbing either.


The setup is relatively simple and the manual is not necessarily useful.


I play an Ibanez ARC 100. Cramberries I play, via AC DC, Nirvana, Metalica.
It should be pretty good, but does not seek to reproduce the sounds of your favorite bands so if they do not play on Marshall. Indeed, unlike the Roland micro cube or VOX, it has a very distinctive Marshall sound. The amp models are available as a Marshall. I was once a big Vavelsate 65R and playing on the contour and gain found quite accurately the sounds that can offer this little Marshall.
So for me, this proposed 70eeuros Sale up to 119 euros off balance and promo little amp is only for hardcore sound marshall. If you want the typical VOX, Mesa booggie or fender this amp is not for you, head to the Roland (Vox is still too Typed VOX).
A large default at this little amp is its MP3 input. In fact, my iPhone plugged into it, the sound is bad and if you start to play guitar at the same time, it becomes downright Cradaingue.


I bought this amp to get back to the guitar, it was really cheap (do not look at 45 euros it therefore more at this price point, it was a mega promotion of destokage)
I have now sold as the proposed sound did not suit me.
I recommend it to all fans of Marshall, and advises others to go their way.
I tried Roland, VOX and Marshall and Yamaha. I recommend widely Roland or Yamaha which afford. VOX and Marshall for the tiny amp, too typed.

Not top ... (Marshall - MG101FX)

By Cober, 13/05/2014
Transo modeling, 100w Marshall connected to an HP 12 "under 4ohms, modeling technology lamps" CSR "

2 Channels: a Clean / Crunch and Overdrive channel divided into two parts OD1/OD2.


Integrated effects.

Like everyone else, I refer you to the manufacturer's website for details, but in practice it is quite comprehensive.


The configuration is it simple?

Yes. Not much to say, two channels (a potential crunch on the clean). features are fairly basic, no incomprehensible buttons.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

The manual is pretty useless ... really. Two three facts about security, blah, but nothing concrete. Some proposals to address your beast, not disgusting, it can help when you do not know them well to make a base and rework.

Gets it easy to sound good?

Within the capabilities of the amp, yeah. The knobs are quite effective, and intuitive.

Overall nothing to say about the use of the amp. It's basic, it works well. Two three knobs and buttons fun: CSR, contour, in the context of an amp that is aimed at beginners, it allows to discover something else that the volume and EQ gain anything.

Headphones output and an outer loop for effects. Same comment as above, it breaks no three-legged duck but it has the merit to discover these features.

The effects are very imprecise, but it can be used easily.


Is it your style of music?

Personally I am very Metal. I love the large output levels, tight gains, accuracy, and especially well this incisive and sound.
In this case this amp does not meet these expectations, which is quite normal, whatever the quality of the amp, since we are on a Marshall (or almost), and the mark although sometimes surprising is not known for his amps 'hi-gain'.

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?

For a moment on a Jackson Warrior XT mounted Saymour Duncan SH-13 (Dimebag Darrell), large output level, with a natural V EQ.

Forward with a Cort EVL-K4 mounted (EMG-HZ H4 Bridge and Neck)

Various pedals that marched over the years.

What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "bold", ....)?

I speak very little of the clean channel of the amp. Firstly because I do not use it a lot, and on the other hand because it is quite commonplace. Cold, Law, soulless. Therefore, it transcribes well though the sound of the guitar, really it is very right, which is a plus. But it stops there. I will not say that it is possible to have a 'nice' clean.

On the distortion:

As mentioned above, the headroom is quite (very?) Limited. The sound itself is not terrible I think. Besides this lack of gain, we see a real lack of dynamics. It is soft, it is mouuuuu.

Some of the settings, no way to override this "bweuh bweuh bweuh" specific bad mediums when working a little palm-mute.

The sound does not lack warmth provided when activating the option 'CSR' (which is actually a 'simulation' of lamps. This is not terrible, I mean, it does not ring, but then not all lamp, but it has the merit of bringing a little warmth in the sound). And it is possible a little fiddling to get a clean crunch, but never really effective by the severe lack of attack. Do not disable the CSR, it is useless.

I weigh my words to try to keep an objective opinion, but the saturation of this amp is really disgusting. the sound is too round, really very soft. it seems to have no serious acute on the part of his guitar and when it happens in the treble, although clean, the sound did it this time ... No no bass sustain.

In reality, the real strength of this amp is that it is very very right. As clean as distortion really respects the instrument, no worries on that side. And give him a good positive, it goes very nicely with a pedalboard. It is always a Transo, so exit the real heat, and suddenly the real good sound, but with good pedal that makes coffee (I had for some time a distortion of tube Blackstar, and it sounded. nothing to do with the vile distortion naturally provided by the amp).

To determine the effects ... put a name to an effect, it's cool, absolute ... The delay is very average, not very far chorus, flanger GREATLY increases the volume of the amp .. . This is not bad for mumuse, but concretely, it stinks a little ass.

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?

To do a quick summary of the pavement above:

The pros:

- Amp very right, respecting the soul of his instrument, and accepting the pedals very well that he sticks to the bottom.
- On secondhand worth more expensive, and always y'en 15 for sale near you, hehe
- 100w adpanne when there's need.
- Can be used to put a synth above, it is once again right.

the -:

- The OD1 channel is useless, the crunch of the clean channel is more dynamic and versatile.
- The OD2 channel is awful, not the slightest aggression (And I'm not saying this because I play Metal, really there's nothing to do).
- The higher up the volume, the more they draft: (


How long have you use it?

I have a home now for 6/7 years. I used both in amp head that repeats at the start.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

It was my first 'big' amp, I had some Transos smaller forwards, but old, secondhand. I keep in mind when I bought it was day and night.
Since I had some 'all-lamps', and ... Day and night hehe

What is the particular feature you like best and least?

See above most is that it is right, and very receptive to good instruments and pedals. The less ... Well, it's that it's shit what.

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...

At the time, the value was disastrous. it was costing more than 350 € for a big transo unusable without pedals, really is the fact that it is stamped Marshall did buy me ... The Line6, Roland Cube and other modeling amps sound of time, often less expensive, are really much better.

Today, they are found secondhand for a pittance, and I think it's worth much more instantly. Do not get me not to say stupidity, they may have to be corrected this, but I guess it's better than a secondhand Marshall 100DFX the recent new MG range. But I have not tested, so this is a guess.

Is what I would do this choice? mmh ... Nine not, secondhand yeah.

I would just like to say that I always use regularly today. When I train at home, the big 120W lamps is not made for it, and it helps me altogether.

Specifically, for a beginner or for practice, it's not bad. Just do not buy a new one. It's bullshit that the new Marshall MG: p

Hoping that I think can help.

great (Marshall - MG101FX)

By wrigleyx, 28/04/2014
transistor with FX 100w


easy, I personally only use the OD .2
gain in half, Tube Screamer and Strat, perfect for me.

it is so dynamic that it is sufficient to lower the volume knob to lighten her, and vice versa etc thingy.

I love the delay too, which sounds very "tape echo" greasy anything :)
we just adjust the volume of the effect, this is VERY good.


I did 2 live ch'tit with the sound is fabulous.
solo is ecstasy.

very dynamic amp, it intends different sounds of the 5 positions selector. (which dear to my heart)

home no need to Tube Screamer .... rarely say.
live for solos yes, it is better ..... for single pickups.


I use it since ... Mmm .... I dont know more, 4 years I think.

I think he has a very nice grain, very Satrianien, and is very dynamic.

and I do not get it at all why so many people down the ....
good, too bad for them.

I tried a combo JCM.2000 bin .... I did not find better than my amp .....
I find very close in sound signature and feeling ..... but not better.

this is a very good amp that MG.100.dfx
that I should find myself a second yours :)

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