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Marshall Micro Amp

Marshall MS-2C

User reviews on Marshall Micro Amp products

Gadget (Marshall - MS-2)

By Xavy, 14/11/2013
A transistor amp could not be more cheap!

Delivers 2W (very big "distortion" card for this amp).

A 6.3 jack for input and one for the headphones is pond.

A basic equalization gain and two modes of operation (clean and dist).


It could not be easier to use.

Manual, there was a?

We obtain sound never good. This is a gadget for the andouille is stuffed when a real amp to make music.


Not suitable for any style of music except punk street packed with beer.

I put a typical Ibanez shred a BC rich base on a Gretsch Electromatic and nothing sounds, it's just awful!

Level tones, clean you can set the tone for more or less acute, ditto dist, but it does not work miracles.

I hate all the sounds of this amp! I sold elsewhere (because I stopped drinking)!


I used less than a year so it is appalling.

I had bigger amps before, I wanted something to travel, I could put it in a backpack, if it had been it would have sounded great.

to its size its weight and look there is nothing to love with this amp.

C4EST flight cardboard for something like this, it is an item of decoration that sound amplification tool!

the look but that's all (Marshall - MS-2)

By Splotch, 03/03/2012
Amp input jack and battery with external power option. Headphone output that mutes the HP.

1W, volume knob, channel selector and tone clean / od.

Plastic case with belt attachment


Can be extremely simple to branch one turns two buttons and it's done.


By the cons we are very far from having something usable. The plastic case resonates widely. The clean does not stay clean very longtempssi we want to up the volume. The OD is better quality than clean but still the case that this resonance is not acceptable


It's very small, it is cute, but it's rotten.

I have 4 little amp battery and all those whose housing is plastic sounds so awful. Only the VOX Amplug and his cabinet (compressed wood) seems to me to use as a mini travel amp. This one is really valid only as decoration.

Good for decorating ... (Marshall - MS-2C)

By Teurastaja, 08/05/2011
Small transistor amp 2W, runs on batteries or mains (power supply not included), headphone, guitar input controls vol / tone and selector-on-off distortion.
It sounds like that nice little amp for travel.


Using fairly simple, as there's no many settings possible.


Ben good there, it's clear not expect miracles ... For my part do not sound good, a chord and you'll feel that the thing will explode ...
Ultimately, if you want to have a megaphone or old radio, why not.


I have been offered there 's some time, well I have not used much.
In the same kind of small amp and Ibanez y 'which are much better, or the Danelectro.
Marshall is the mouth of the foutage complete.

I have a Marshall! A good? (Marshall - MS-2)

By Elpoutro, 25/02/2011
2W amp pocket transistor with a guitar input, volume, tone, selector hors-tension/clean/Overdrive and headphone (6.3 mm).
He sticks a 9V battery in the ass and can play a very reasonable time rather (autonomy can really win a trip).


No need to book from the moment we know that this object is primarily used for connecting an electric guitar to amplify the signal.
Considering the simplicity, you'll need 10 minutes or less to go around the possibilities and give you a notice before buying.


Mode "Clean" does not deserve its name: it must turn the volume to mask the sound of the guitar body itself and we arrive quickly at a CRUCH not very accurate but very round: the knob tone is very effective with this mode and provides a good range of different sounds.

If you prefer the overdrive you will be served: the user "Overdrive" spits, surprisingly given the size of the box and displayed 2W. This time it's really very, very bold, but we manage to qualify by playing with the knobs on the guitar and the tone.

The lack of adjustment of the "drive" is actually not a big problem: this amp is not designed to do in the precision and it still hurt to possibilities of sound, especially playing on the pitch (that even bluffing).


I think the sound quality compared to the a priori one might have overlooked a small plastic box. on the other hand, is it worth its price? I confess that I find it hard to make me an opinion on that. Chances are that we do pay Marshall the display of its logo ...

I still have to put a big damper on the quality of design: I'm dropping slightly the headphone jack (when I plug in a) if the speaker is not active, the knobs start to stick and crack (that said, I have already seen much worse on the amps yet more pretentious). It is also thought to pinch out flap that hides the battery under penalty hearing vibrate unpleasantly.

My brother did not look at the competition before offering it to me and I never played another amp of this caliber. But given the notice: I think I would see the side of Vox, Fender and Orange before the election again. However, I do not regret owning it because he can play anywhere (even while cooking ...) without the constraints that I have with my Peavey Classic 30.