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Marshall Mini Stack

Marshall 1966B

User reviews on Marshall Mini Stack products

Very good marshall cab 212 (Marshall - 1966B)

By frankyp, 24/11/2012
Acquired in September 2012. I guess it dates from the 1980s'
Form quite square, closed (61 X 63 cm) from afar it looks like a kind 412 1960, 2 HP being diagonal handles on the sides.
I had obviously many cabs 112 212 and 412 ...
Ultimately, what I blame Marshall is the G12T 75, its very medium-vintage. I put 2 Celestion "Vintage 30" 16 ohms in parallel (8 ohms total so) that sound just not vintage, but are heavier, more powerful performance and more accurate in the bass and treble.
And then, even with a head 15 W, it sends big sound ... and with 50 W lamps tt, we talk about it! I put 8/10 with G12T75, and 9/10 with my upgrade.

awks's review (Marshall - 1966A)

By awks, 25/09/2007
Close to the 1965 version but equipped 2x12, with the original manufacturer of 2xG12T75 16ohms in parallel. Compared to the 1965 which is 4xG10L35, it gives less possibility of evolution, such association with 2xG10L35 2xG12 choice.
The 1966 is roughly equivalent to 1922, but application documents for Mosfet or Valvestate head, ie a width of 60cm.
Among my various versions of 1965, I bought a 1966a. I changed it to cut two slots Popuri accommodate two 10-inch G12 plus.
So if I had the choice again, I would rather a 1965, rather than having to fiddle around then, so I do not put that 8 / 10 when I put 9 / 10 for 1965 ...

awks's review (Marshall - 1965A)

By awks, 25/09/2007
60cm/60cm, 140watts RMS, complete with original Celestion 4xG10L35 (96db 35Watt for each)
I have eight at home, replacing large equipped 1960 G12-65 Greenback or rola.
What I like most is the size and weight, all very practical. The G10L35 dedant which are interesting, I like them mainly associated with various models in G12 Celestion. In contrast, the 4x10 alone can seem a little "nest of mosquitoes" especially distortion pedals on the head transistor, but sure to set the equalizer, it can. I have several versions, two of which are replaced by G10L35 G12T75, V12-60, G12M Greenback or G12HOT100. The important thing is to find the dynamic balance between G10L35 and G12 that are associated. It must be very careful not to put a Vintage 30 100db or worse a Century of 102dB. I urge the G12MGreenback G12T75 or according to what we play. The advantage of the G12M is not to be forced to take power. In contrast with G12T75 must climb the towers with a good head 100 watts Mosfet genre such as Lead 100. With a hybrid genre ValvestateRH100 head, I recommend also G12HOT100. Three-body for a full stack, a cabin with 2xG10L35 2xG12M, the second cabin with 2xG10L35 2xG12T75 or HOT100 or V12-60 ...
And it farts it sounds, it's happiness, as low volume louder.
The value for money is interesting, and often lower back will thank you ..
It's been 20 years that I like sailing between 4x12 Marshall 1960 and 1965, and I can tell you it's a shame that Marshall has stopped the concept. Yes I would do this choice, the evidence, I again 8 times, and I wonder if ... but this is of gluttony.
When will a new range of options with Marshall 2x10 and 2x12 associates? And why just a small head lamp 50 or 60 watts 60cm wide to go over?