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Marshall 1960ASL JCM Slash Signature

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To This Date, the Most Killer Multi-Channel Amp Marshall has ever Built! (Marshall - JVM410HJS Joe Satriani Edition)

By DannyB_KY, 20/11/2018
jip96's review is spot on, so I won't repeat.

The 410V HJS is most versatile multi-channel amp Marshall has ever built. The basic gain structure is different, and makes it even more versatile than the already versatile 410V.

From other Marshall's I've owned or played, the OD1/OD2 gain is more useable than others. Where others get fizzy, the HJS just keeps singing.

Four channels and 3 modes per channel. Each channel is a big jump in gain, each mode is a slight, incremental jump in gain, on the way to the next big jump/channel. It's like going up a set of steps. Sell your OD pedals. All you need is your guitar volume.

If I were to special order a custom amp from Marshall, I'd hope it would be this!

I was lucky and blessed. I bought mine new, about 5 months before production stopped. I play through a 1960B with an ARCOM DAG attenuator. Each channel has it own Master Volume, which I set to "9". I wear either a set Westone 24db earplugs or my Shure IEMs. I try to use as little attenuation as possible. The HJS is a MONSTER! There is something to be said about Marshall amps with a plate choke. Plate chokes are sonic magic wrapped in iron. The regular 410V doesn't have a plate choke as neither did its predecessor, the much maligned JCM 2000 Triple Super Lead.

This amp is a "must have" and a "keeper" for Marshall fans.

unique and special (Marshall - SL5 Slash Signature)

By Garcymoore, 17/03/2014
I will not copy the data sheet of the amp, but rather highlight some interesting points:

- The knobs and very progressive enough "hard" to include setting the desired volume, it has not jerk sound, you can go down very low, no worries.
-The lack of effects loop
-The Presence knob
The fashion-1/5W very effective.
The 2-input, useless for me, very disappointing.
The self-amplification is Biase, you can change the lamp power without adjustments.
- 27kg
-A digital reverb in good order


Very simple configuration The manual is clear but does not mention eg AutoBias..
Technical characteristic are still a bit empty in this kind of books: "Yeah it's great you business and it sounds" .......
Gets it easy to sound good. So there are no more simple. After on the other hand, must love.


Used with a Les Paul Standard 1999.
I have this amp for a few months, I have selected from the following amps: blackheart BH5, dsl1H Marshall, Marshall jcm1h.
I only play at low volume amateur and I'm looking JCM800 sound at home, quest that is not easy, unless you live in the open field or type in the boutique amp (which does is not necessarily more expensive than a 100W Marshall head it's true). I still waiting for Marshall so jcm5 the head, one can dream ...
Without saying that this is the perfect amp sl5 following criteria, far from it, it is best placed to report the level / price everything I've experienced.
After I played at low volume in 1W mode sticking him an attenuator, it must of course be taken into account in my assessment.
But from what I heard on the videos easily found on the net, I have the sound of sl5. The sound of this amp is very easily recognized, it has a particular grain, even with a low level sound.
Then clean, I pass quickly. For me it is very good, fairly neutral, really clean sound of guns with a Les Paul (yes) in bridge, we quickly took to Slash.
Obviously, the reverb is not as upscale but gives out the changes and is really in the spirit slash.
For the clean and reverb so you hear a record of time guns "Use your illusion" and you're there to pretty much. It is closer to "Yesterdays" and "Knockin '" as "Sweet child" or "My Michelle" (intro) in clean. To clean the Appetite, go on the overdrive channel with low gain, we get beautiful sounds "cleanchs" slightly overdrives, closer to the "Appetite" era.
For the overdrive channel is the main argument of purchase or not this amp, there is no evil things to say.
We immediately into something very special kind modded JCM800, very aggressive.
What made me happy, it's the "bottom" of the amp. There is a very couillue sitting in the bass and low mids that encourages play palm mute that Slash is also fond. It joined the JCM800, more pronounced.
Blow the amp is very distinctive and for my part, I will not tell at all versatile.
Of course you can play everything, but it has its grain of his own, sitting in the low frequencies and sound skinned, greasy and dry at once.
You must love this grain before buying the amp if it is not worth it! So listen to some videos will give you a good idea of ​​what you will, with the distance involved recording more or less faithful, but the grain is still there.
It is the grain that makes me keep the amp because we feel that there is potential if you like that kind of sound and there is nothing like now (well, I did not tried everything either) 1/5 watts and at this price.
And yes, we need to talk a little price because for me this amp is primarily a matter, I do not think there is as much in this price range, low volume, although in absolute terms there always better for (much) more expensive. report his / price in this type of sound is rather impressive. After some would say a good pedal in a good clear sound might as well taf ...
We feel that Slash put his paw in the internal circuitry and that even if the lamps, and the hp cab is changed there will always be that grain there.
Short just to summarize, we are in the type of sound Slash, of course, but I also quote Gary Moore.
A JCM800 exacerbated with less finesse.
These are heavy sounds, powerful, ideal for howling solos with fast descents, usually ending with large palm muting
Worst saturated rhythmic, a little lack of precision is felt (in volume so ultraréduit) but overall very satisfying for those seeking a close JCM800, but boosted crunch.


I remake this choice without hesitation with the same budget, but with a budget of 3000 euro, I'll make me a JCM800 0.1W/30W custom shop shop death clone, you believe it?
In the meantime I take pleasure to play on, as well as in clean crunch, although I think it lacks a little something to satisfy me fully, but I'm demanding.
I ordered a set of 3x12ax7 Tungsol reissue, I'll let you know if I fall off my chair.

OdysseyV's review (Marshall - 2555SL JCM Slash Signature)

By OdysseyV, 17/01/2014
Power is less than 100 wa amplify the zenith is more than enough
The connectors are jack
Slash settings / rock, can midrange. Footswitch two positions
Presence of an effects loop. I have about 8 pedals in the loop

I did recently change lamps for 350 €.


Nothing more simple


Yes rock year 70/80, I play gibson custom.

Sound distortion at a good grain, clear sound is as clear as its name suggests.


I acquired pre-97, but I had to change the lights, see the prices today.

This is a product that will surely become collectable as can findable on the second hand market. Compared to afd it is much more versatile. Slash uses in its clear and distortion c is afd available.

Voila the sound! (Marshall - SL5 Slash Signature)

By ceryz, 22/09/2013
See description, 4 lamps, 2 channels, eq classic, good usable reverb throughout the race and presence. External speaker output 8 or 16 ohms. Saw 5w switch - 1w, nickel to keep the heat lamps at low volume!
-1 Because it lacks an effects loop, it would have been the top ...


Setup could not be more simple, no need for manual if you have already received at least once a guitar amp. Very easily the desired sound is obtained, eq is very effective, you just know how to use the presence, I personally like to get the bass down a bit high and offset the presence and reverb to 8 to 5.


Finally the amp I needed, except for the slash signature, it really has what marshall round warm grain like it or not, I love it! With my gibson les paul equipped with microphones Slash Alnico II is really THE AFD's that I get is what I wanted but I assure you it can do much more than Slash, it is really versatile for my taste.
With my SG, the ACDC goes alone, and even the clean is really good quality, I stick him a slight chorus and it's really convincing.


Ok I may not yet be completely objective because I did that for a week but I love it and I think my opinion could not but be even better once the hp will be lapped.
I sold to offer me this amp my blackstar HT20 which was not bad at all, far from it but it lacked a little less character and fishing in the bass. Sl5 with this, I am filled, the sound of a big marshall combo reduced size, reasonable power but sufficient for rpeter for more, simply transplanted therefore no problem for me.
Sincerely, that I spend my time looking for new gear and buy and sell, I think I'm not ready to let go of this one!

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