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Marshall Vintage Modern

Marshall PEDL10041 Vintage Modern 2-way Footswitch

User reviews on Marshall Vintage Modern products

a cab any ... (Marshall - 425A )

By Zug_metal, 07/06/2013
So delicate marshall cab very fragile at the Tolex! friction hop scratch so already you forget group. The four so-called optimized greenbakc are zero honestly I love music style but this is a phenomenal stew or so that I bought was rinsed I do not know. it sounds pretty clear sound oddly with the roundness but since I play in saturated ben ....
These do nothing but avoid! 1960 or prefer another brand I put him to one marshall logo makes its effect!

An amp that sounds, is not to say! (Marshall - Vintage Modern 2266H )

By jcm050, 03/06/2013
Everything has already been said above ...


The manual ... Y needs a? You plug it on and it sounds! God it sounds!


I play mostly rock a little old. I love the sounds of the 90s. So yes, this amp suits me to it! We get a little sound to the Led Zep 'to Slash, through many variations. I play it with a Les Paul Slash signature.


I have a few months. This is my first tube amp. I bought OCCAZ and really, I have no regrets! However, all effects (especially OD, Fuzz, distos ...) do not suit him. Currently, I play with a V3 Firesound and Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde, and frankly, it sounds!
I probably do not have the most suitable firm (a 1936 Lead) but still, I love the sound so I get no regrets!
A remake? Yes! Without a doubt!

marshall simple and effective (Marshall - Vintage Modern 2466H)

By cyrille young, 13/02/2013
100-watt amp with 4 all-tube preamp and 12 AX7 in 4 KT 66 power. basic equation bass treble acute, especially if the particular setting of this amp the body and detail. It acts on the body with the preamp gain for low frequencies and lower midrange, and treble detail and upper midrange. Effects loop channel two low and high fashion.


Configuration using simple but sharp enough, because it takes time to find the right setting. This amp can give all sounds vintage to modern to rock, and they are very very good, but the one fois.Le manual received with the head was that of the JCM 800, a small factory error, but not serious the manual should not be used much.


I play blues rock and hard rock to the former (clapton, bonamassa, ac / dc, guns n'roses, aerosmith ...) I play it with Gibson Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Slash micro and BFG in BB3 P90.Je am a follower of his greasy, and I must say that I am more than satisfied with my head. I said that I use it for my basic sound, and I have a pedalboard quality to inflate my sound (Xotic AC booster, wampler plexidrive, blackstar ht dual overdrive for ...) My basic sound mode is set so low mode "vintage" Plexi typed! the body at 12 h and 15 H detail, I manage my clear sound with the old knobs from scratch, when I'm back, that is the limit of the crunch and the attack did the rest, if I arpeggios a little dirty, I'm going soft, and if instead I want to do well cruncher I press the right hand ... This is the most dynamic amp I've tested .. . I do not use it the way high, so modern, that sounds like a JCM 800 boosted too aggressive for my taste.


I've had it a year, I tested a bunch of amp before buying (and hugues Triamp Ketner, marshall jcm 800, jcm 900, jcm 2000 DSL TSL JVM, Orange AD30, blackstar HT came, peavey classic 50 ...) it is much better than these amps ... for my taste. For the price. I remake that choice without hesitation!!
this amp is a very special and just made for the blues hard rock to pop ... possibly ... but especially for the metal ...

Vintage?? (Marshall - Vintage Modern 2266C)

By Qill, 02/07/2012
Marshall 50W combo
4x ECC83 preamp and 2x for the KT66 for power, correct transistor
2 Celestion G12C
side setting: Body and Detail for the preamp, 3 band EQ, Master Volume, Presence, Reverb, Mid Boost switch and dynamic range either High or Low




it is not at all Vintage What is this scam?? is the name on the packaging of vintage, because it is more Modern than anything else, nothing to do with the JCM800, JTM45, 59SLP, 87x or Bluesbreaker
But the videos on Youtube were well it sounded good crunché, but once it's true not slap you say what's that thing? much like the Fender Vintage Modified, Vintage's argument is especially commercial
The clean is far from a Fender midrange (Blues Junior) much better than the mini Mesa Rectifier, there is a bit of presence and grain but nothing more ... what a Marshall So you see he has had to be caught on the drive and there ... we remain puzzled, wondering what they wanted to do something like the drive channel of Mesa vintage mini Correct, it is inexplicable to me I do not like, it looks like nothing, it's not spit at all is shy, even opening the volume of the HP
Fans of his vintage go your way, in any case well before the test


I would say just to avoid for fans like me of good old old school Marshall, who seeks after a bit of versatility there is the JVM Series offers more possibilities ... For my part I keep my JCM800 4010