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Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker

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Vintage!! (Marshall - 1962 Bluesbreaker)

By Fred The Shred, 29/11/2013
Tube amp 45 watt lamps, reissue 1962 by Marshall (ie of 2007), this is the amp qu'utilisait Clapton on "beano" disc with the Bluesbreaker, hence the name. It is also seen on the cover of Still got the blues Gary Moore and regularly toured with him in his 90's blues period.
So to make it short:
No master volume, two input channels with independent volume (I and II) and for each channel input and a High Low, no reverb and tremolo with two settings (speed and depth) switchable pedal.
So old, if you are looking effects loop, direct output, reverb Acutronic, go your way ... Here we saw in 1962!


The configuration is not as simple as one can believe, in fact I channel is the "bright" channel and II "dark", ie much less brilliant.
Depending on the guitar / pedal that connects, it can be wise to choose one or the other of the input channels and especially low or high, depending on the gain you want to apply to the input of the amp. The color of the obtained varies greatly depending on the input.
Then level setting is very simple, Bass, mid, treble and presence. Amp actually does pretty serious (both hp Celestion green back are certainly something) so we can calm down the bass with the knob "BASS". knobs "medium" and "treble" does not have a huge influence but can help correct some timbre of your guitar.
Against by the presence knob is another story, that's where we just add the "sparkle" of the amp, its signature sound if you want. on bluesreaker is impresive and very physical (note the ears high level!)
In contrast, the tremolo is dropped, because it sounds bad whatever you do, in addition it is allocated based on dark channel (??) And settings does not affect much the record that is not terrible ...


So that's the part that arouses so much passion ...

I already said that, when I bought mine, it was a dream, I got a good deal (800 euro Cygnus), and I brought in a friend who makes maintenance / modification / Creation of tube amp ( who gave me the actual specifications of 1962.
For this is what the scam, Marshall sell this amp as a faithful reissue of the legendary Bluesbreaker 1962 and it is not the same electronic diagram inside the electronic components have nothing to do while Chinese is in there suddenly, out of the box it sounds hard and not very rock'n'roll.
Ten capacitor oiled paper and resistance to the former later and then we can talk ... ;)
The clean sound is legendary, ultra typed is not the Fender is not marshall JCM800/900 etc ... there's harmonics, we feel the tubes, it is warm and clear at the same time. In short if you like we feast! That is very 60's (this is for) and it feels even more so when you push the niveau.Mais very careful slap in the pick!
There's no saturation High Gain, but rather a kind of mushy quiapparait crunch when the amp is almost up and riff reminiscent of "Sunshine of your love" in Cream. we like it or not. I personally am not a fan ...
So yes we can bridge the I channel in the channel II (with a small jack) and push even both channels fully, but it is very quickly muddy and very exploitable.
Not to play saturated with this amp you will have to paste in a pedal buttocks.
I tried with a marshall Guvn'or, 90s (the rig Gary moore priori ...) and yeah it sends not bad but it's still hard, and not always usable in extreme settings ...
By against good surprise with a good old tube screamer (mine is 1982) there it hard, I never heard my pedal sound like this (I used it to boost for solos so far ...) there actually with Gibson humbucker is easily obtained the sound of "'high voltage' AC / DC (quasi clone" Live Wire "with SG). I got also sounds very close to the "lazy" deep purple album version of "Highway Star" one would believe!
So Rock'n'roll, but before 1977.Après must pass JCM 800 ;)
Obviously we can not all play with this amp, but hey, for the old rock'n'roll early seventies (alice cooper, Kiss, etc..), See Soul Motown blues / boogie to Creedance clearwater revival, it is serious !
And frankly amp on which can play everything, it does not exist! ... :)


I've had 3 months, and I tinker for 3 months, I have to find a distortion pedal for the boost well and correctly can be a reverb pedal to the former, because there is really dry, especially with potatoes it is hot to handle.
Good look is beautiful and is sure to not go unnoticed as aesthetically sonically, because the clean sound is really beautiful and so typical!
For group play, the level is just hair cell, because in fact from half the volume the sound becomes dirty but not necessarily more powerful, it is not a 100 watt!

To summarize, I would say that if this is the sound you are looking for, we are ready to make small electronic mods, and we flying hours in rock'n'roll (mastery level / potato, with the mediator and the volume knob) is an amp that gives pleasure! For beginners and against deaf refrain ...

Organic! (Marshall - 2245 JTM45)

By Pete-Layburn, 07/06/2013
30 watt all-tube with a grinder.


(Very) Good sound immediate.


Its clear to light great crunch, full body, really beautiful.
A Keeley TS9 + a Holy grail between this superb JTM 45 and my number one Tele (Texas special) and there big emotion.
Notes literally sing in this config '.


The sound of this amp is amazing.
If the reliability is there, I found my happiness.

A good amp but a bit heavy (Marshall - 1962 Bluesbreaker)

By kris86, 12/11/2012
This re-edition of the marshall of "Slowhand" 62 the tone is the same as in 1962 ...

- 2HP 12 inches
- Mono channel
- No reverb
- No OD or distortion
- 3 band + Equalos presence - tremolo
- Look nice


And repet in concert 15 years without worry.
No manual (is it necessary?)

it depends on what you expect but with a good scratch, it feels serious blues!


I play rock, blues, motown ... U.S. Deluxe strat with Texas Special rise and multi-effects BOSS ME5. I love SRV sound (clear and Sat '), Hendrix and many "Kings".

The sound is ... 62! When I read the criticism of its rustic and lack of versatility, I think that these buyers should not have eyes in front of the holes when they are purchased.

Then, the sound is clear ... clear as 62 at Marshall (hot, ample, lots of bass, not very bright ...). Some say it is mythical.

For overdrive I use my ME5 in OD1 mainly with Reverb ... (brief, given that nothing on the amp, I catch the pedal). If you like the bass was low! the knob "Presence" is useful and effective.

Large amplitude, very powerful (I rarely exceeds 2 in flight. Well in concert)


I carry around for 15 years together and repet. I say I carry around because it weighs an ass the guy! And not easy to brew for the size.

He did his service, I'm happy (proof, I have not changed since the time), but without passion ... His weight became prohibitive now, then I think to replace it because it is more adapted to our time (since it is 62!). Now, we transplanted the guitars need 100W or more and 35 kilos of this amp.

I would add that even my buddies Hardcore Metalheads love it! Ditto with a good pedal and ESP pickups, this amp does wonders (its heavy, lots of bass, large amplitude ...)

Anyway I move into Koch Twintone or Egnater Rebel 30W more manageable (and allowing me to pass also my pedal because they have all the reverb and OD)

Faithful reissue of the classic. (Marshall - 2203 JCM800 Reissue)

By severinsteel, 05/06/2012
1 Channel, 100 watts, 4 EL34's, Standard EQ section with master volume, FX loop with true bypass switch, 4/ 8/ 16 ohm speaker out selector


The JCM800 should need to introduction. There are so many amps based off of its design, it's not even funny. They have been a platform for modifications since the early 80's. Very easy to dial in for that classic rock sound. It's one of those amps that will work for anything. Toss a boost pedal in front and it can do metal. Back off the gain and it does a great clean.

The reissues have a built in FX loop, which you can bypass, which makes the reissue the one to get in my opinion. There were many many variations of the 800, but the reissue is a recreation of the famed vertical input 2203.


Soundswise, this is a very versatile amplifier. Sure it only has one channel, but you can get anything for crystal clean to classic rock overdrive. The thing I really like about this amp, is that whatever guitar you use sounds like itself. Some amps tend to make every guitar sound kinda similar, but the 800 really shows off each guitar's personality. A Strat will sound very stratty, a les Paul will sound very Les Paul like.

The 800 takes boost pedal very well, which is a huge plus. It can also sound killer very clean, which I honestly didn't expect. And it shines with a Strat!

My only real complaint about this amp is that it tends to be on the brighter side. I like amps to sound great with everything set at 12 o'clock (except for maybe gain and volume). With the 800, I find myself turning off the treble and turning the presence way down. I do tend to like amps that are somewhat dark, but not too dark.

The FX loop is good, but you tend to loose a little bit of 'something' when it is engaged. It's not a deal breaker or anything, but I would definitely not keep it engaged if I wasn't using it.

The amp itself is very loud. It's 100 watts is definitely loud.


Overall, this is a very solid amp. It's an instrument in of itself and is excellent at showing of each of you guitars' unique voice. I have wanted on of these for years and years, and I am very excited to have on in the collection. I own lot's of great amps, and the 800 will remain in the stable.

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