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Enhanced STI-PA Measurement with XL2

New firmware for the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer is designed to automatically offer an updated STI-PA measurement standard for all users.

The new firmware reflects STI-PA according to IEC 60268-16 (2011, edition 4.0) for verifying speech intelligibility of voice evacuation systems. New XL2 features, like averaging multiple STI-PA results and onsite ambient noise correction are designed to further increase measurement efficiency, allowing installers emulating STI-PA measurements of crowded conditions even in empty environments, according to NTi.

The new firmware V2.50 extends the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer with the latest STI-PA measurement requirements according the standard IEC60268-16 (2011, edition 4.0). Older editions remain supported for compliance with legacy specifications.

Taking three to five subsequent measurements at the same location is the recommended practice according IEC60268-16 and VDE 0833 is mandatory in some other situations. Multiple measurements are designed to increase accuracy and the reliability of the readings. The XL2 Analyzer is now also offering an averaging function for multiple STI-PA results and calculates the arithmetic mean value and simultaneously, the deviation.


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