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User Review

moosers's review - Hohner Student 32 Melodica

The Hohner Student Melodica 32 is a the perfect beginner's melodica for anyone who wants to get started with it. I just recently got one of these as a gift and I'm loving it! It's called a 'student' instrument, and while it's far from the best available, it's better than your average student instrument. In fact, I think it's definitely suitable for recording and even gigging, although if it's one of you primary instruments you'll probably want something better. However, for me I'm only using it for recording here and there and it gets the job done very well. It's not the most well built instrument as it's plastic, but as long as you treat it properly and keep it in the case when you're not using it, you should be fine. It comes with it's own carrying case and two different mouthpieces. One of the mouthpieces is a tubing that extends about two feet or so while the other is a compact one for holding the instrument sideways. I prefer the tubing since it allows you to see the keyboard a bit easier. Of course it does take some keyboard skills to play this, but even if you're just starting out it would be okay to learn on. I'm still learning how to get it all down, as it does take a good amount of breath control and all that. As far as this model of the instrument is concerned, the Hohner Student Melodica 32 is as good as they come for a beginner's instrument. I've done a good amount of research on what the best is to start with, and this gets nothing but praise. It's very cheap and comes from a name brand as I've come to trust all sorts of products made by Hohner. It's certianly not the sturdiest feeling instrument, but to a degree this is kind of a toy instrument anyway. I'd definitely suggest the Hohner Student Melodica 32 one for anyone looking for a melodica to get going with!