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User Review

Class! - Reviews Suzuki MELODICA PRO 37 V.2

I've had one month, and I am totally satisfied.

The instrument is well done, it feels and sees.
The grip with leather strap is fairly easy and is very convenient.
The hull is not metal, like on the old Hohner upscale, but the plastic seems thick and beefy (it does not plastoc toy example).
He also took several days to realize it was not metal ...

The keyboard is a treat, no excessive noise affects. 3 octaves, it's great, although a priori we will more readily find the high notes that the low notes.
The other important thing that grabbed me is the air distribution in the instrument. This is a feeling that I will not know specifically explain: A breath equal, one can walk on the keyboard without having different levels between the notes.
No need to send too much air either, notes respond very well.

The combination of good keyboard and good "air distribution" mean that the instrument is really playable. And you soon realize that one can easily qualify their games.

The sound is a reflection of the instrument, it is direct, straight and precise.
A small grid is at the bottom of the melodica. It suggests that its fate primarily by there, like the flag of a copper or a sax.
In fact, here the sound is as dry and bright.
For decision-sounds I've made, I put the microphone down and melodica but slightly above the keyboard.
On stage like using my microphone singing. The FOH engineer does not find fault.

Before this, I had a Hohner piano 32. I did not use hardly ever, I thought I had a bad feeling with ... The accuracy was too "exotic" and did not allow me to play in groups.

I have been guided to Suzuki, and I do not really regret it! In one month I have played more than the Hohner that I kept for years!

Try it.