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User Review

Melodica EST (finally) an instrument in its own right - Reviews Suzuki MELODICA PRO 37 V.2

I think Joe Bouc said it all!

I said that the color of the keys is enough "ivory", which gives a whole a little fortification, and all serious cases. When you arrive with that person on stage not laugh:-D

In terms of sound level flag: this is exactly what I decided at the outset, I was tired of not being able to place a microphone properly. I think the sound that level is well balanced, it has all the notes at the same volume I think. Regarding sound a bit "aggressive" I'll try to place as Joe said, so far we merely foolishly aggressive lower frequencies, I would have thought to try other positions anyway!

In short, beautiful instrument, well made, do not move ... For granted against a little above, it does not shock live in the studio is a little annoying, but as the notes are granted them I prefer not to involve anyone on tuning and implement a corrector pitch afterwards. You can hear the result on this creation "vintage"

Moreover we see the melodica instrumental bridge on the second ...

I still compare my Hohner Piano 32 Jubilee still paid 160 euros and repairers and tuners at Hohner massacred, while telling me a melodica remained "a disposable thing, even large models"! Hey bé, not ready to buy the Hohner, when we see that Suzuki is known to make the "not disposable" ...

Anyway, remain cautious, we'll see in a few years, but for now I am very happy with this "big" Suzuki model, except that it is given a little high (which may be normal to Furthermore, I will check if this is not 444 as some accordions, or 442 as commonly used a priori - at a time - in Japan)