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User Review

User friendly - Reviews Audiofanzine AF Musical Mug

I input the specimen tested (I have kept subject to the obligation to write my future articles in Comic sans MS) is a precise prototype limited edition.

Although primarily intended for musicians, sound engineers and music lovers, it is also capable of performing the classics a modern mug tasks like reverse on the couch or use glass when you have too lazy to do the dishes. Thus, with its sober presentation, nothing suggests the concentration of technology embedded in the patch present on the flat side responsible for the stability of the machine.
In its visible test here: # more-4871, Jerome B. shows us the amazing musical embedded application. But the receptacle hot beverages (ensuring proper compatibility with cold liquids) is much more than that because it redefined the concept of "user friendly" by translating "friend of the user." Indeed, MM AF is able to adapt to it by offering him the embedded application the most relevant in terms of its needs, and, without turning any knob! Thus, the heart of embedded silicon wisely decided to use the "You're late, you bastard" function, which could be translated as "Rather than trying to play a b7 do so in open, it would be start writing article scheduled for yesterday "since its inception morning.

We can therefore say bluntly, the Musical Mug AF offers a compelling user experience. I put 9 because it is not self-cleaning, but it is an object that will generate envy. Fortunately, AF has planned everything and details about fonts agreeing to ensure the beast are available here: