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User Review

Amarokk's review - M-Audio KeyStudio 49i

Value For Money : Excellent
MIDI Controller / Keyboard Master with Steinway integrbr /> two headphone jacks in front, as the rear (to plug the speakers, which can aisment replace an amp for a hearing r duced. There is an XLR jack and a tool with their knobs and gain a "master" clean between these (call Direct Monitor)
49 keys (4 lines, but very little is sufficient for most uses), buttons for DCAL octaves (12 semitones of transposition of a sudden what), pitch and mod


Touch pleasant enough, nothing wrong. Regarding the manual, I found him in French on the Internet, and I must admit it was I a big help because the "history of MIDI channels, for a nophyte like me, this n'tait not simple.
So I can not say that the configuration Gnrale is most ease, I put a little time to adapt myself. The selection of channels might be able to be better pens. Fortunately, the manual is otherwise ...


This is the first master keyboard, I knew that before synthesizers "classic" and cheap. I wanted a master keyboard to make my "little dog". This instrument is totally filled her role. Taking the rle of my sound card, all sound the computer is in dvi headphone jacks, so I can rgler the output and at the same time playing the keyboard when I have a small component of that idea comes to me. Indeed, the Steinway integr allows me to play anytime, because my keyboard remains lit as long as is my PC.
It's simple: If I had my keyboard lcher for one reason or another, I rush to buy another of the same style (from M-Audio as' do)
Thanks to this keyboard, I could transform my modest room in a home studio. I have a microphone plugged into XLR, guitars and bass that can be plugged into the instrument. Nothing wrong with the internal Prampli ct is impeccable! Me I use it to save as cubase and I shall not want, I do not even see how it could amliorer.
The software intgr (GM Module) is satisfactory, and sounds pleasant enough, even if the quality of some may be amliore (violins, for example)
If you experience crackling while recording, or latency, spin trick that I see about this post!

I find the report qualitprix excellent, and I do it again this choice without hesitating a second.