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User Review

snoot58's review - Novation XioSynth 25

This little synth has a two octave keyboard (synth typically large touch keys). Its compactness and light weight trs (1.4 kg), and its battery power, USB or 9V AC have no equivalent on the market.
You can also Whereas it is a MIDI keyboard matre, equipped with the CONTRL adquate. But it is also, thanks a clever switch mode synthtiseur / keyboard mode CONTRL a surface for the main march of squenceurs (Logic, Cubase ...) my keyboard as well as an be adapted to the piloting of virtual synths like qu'Absynth ... MIDI keyboard mode, the allocation and various potentiomtres Controller is modular, based on templates or templates (prfabriqus for major programs) that can edit and save leisure (l 'edition of the templates is possible in a program tlchargeable the manufacturer's website).
Finally, this machine is also a USB soundcard, albeit basic, but fearful of efficiency: no driver is recognized by all modern operating systems! It can therefore, if we have a portable microcomputer, to transform the tower into XioSynth CONTRL computer music and its installation can save without using an electrical outlet, a composition involving the synthesis but also an instrument such as an electric guitar through a microphone jack and XLR (with phantom power!) the voice of a singer or an acoustic instrument.
Novation offers even a backpack to carry both his 25 and a microcomputer XioSynth portable (15 inch screen). This machine is the heart of a system that no mobile equivalent on the market a real Swiss Army knife of the follower of computer music.


Under aspects of toy, this machine is a weapon of war vritable! In most cases it will simply play prselectionns patches (200 supplied with the machine, plus many others available on the manufacturer's website). Then we will put your hands dirty, and build your own sounds. When you understand the philosophy of the machine - which takes several hours even when - (and that was with a good pair of magnifying glasses makes case for inscriptions difficult to read ct the many knobs and switches), provided you understand the principles of analog synthse additive (rather instinctive), it is relatively easy to build sounds we have in head. Mthode The easiest is not to change even when not (often large fawn) trs INTERESTED examples provided with the machine.
Unfortunately, the manual is not supplied as printed (but only in. Pdf print so it must be even). This manual is fairly clear, but a lot of dead ends (he gives explain many things, including all the principles of additive synthse and meaning of many terms). It also has a big flaw: it explains absolutely not how to save patches in memory, and especially how to put them in order that we DSIR. We immediately find the handling in the manufacturer's FAQ (if you speak good English), this manipulation involves Tlcharger software (which might well have trs be located on one of the supplied CD-ROM original!). As a result, this machine is intended primarily for geeks (of which I am probably part), the beginners who have by chance in their hands while this remarkable machine can sense some frustration ... Because of the low cot trs of this machine, it is unfortunately not possible to provide a comprehensive manual, but it is not a problem and motivated the advanced user.
The party sound card is very simple to use, and essentially functions the keyboard appearance matre / trs surface CONTRL is usable.


The presets provide a nice dmonstration provided the potential of the machine. They are very modern. But it is very easy to find more traditional sounds. We can therefore find aisment and make sounds that suit his style of music. This synth is not intended ralistes produce sounds, although its capabilities are pretty good imitation. Overall, we tonn by good sound of this machine. Hear such a big sound out of a small keyboard, its effect has always! Synthse engine is excellent. He is assisted by a multi-effect section complte and effective, and the original X-gator which modulates Manir rhythm of each note produced, which further enhances the sound produced.
The expression is trs good because the keyboard is in agreement with the sounds, and you can adjust curves VLOC instruments that are played. The joystick that CONTRL modulation and bends is not the most enjoyable handling, but it works even when well. Finally, the touchpad supple lack of aftertouch itself. It is used to control four paramtres simultanment expression. If you're having fun fiddling with various knobs and more or different switches switch (X-gator, arpgiateur), it was enough to occupy his left hand to his game trs expressive.
Submitted as the sound card in the device, its quality is tural! It provides quality records and reproduces all the sounds honorably in reading.