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User Review

Fsuchs's review - Novation XioSynth 49

* What characteristics have motivated your choice?
Clearly, the principle of 3 in 1, the holy trinity synthesis and audio-interface master keyboard.
Connectivity: USB 1.1 interface which handles audio, midi in, midi out. Physical midi out port. No midi in physics, and that's really not cool.
Audio: 1 mono input with XLR power supply. ghost + 1 TS entry ... So stereo my stuff, but with two different types of cables. But hey it works.

Modeling: See site for novation. 10 voice polyphony, three oscilloscope, 2 lfo and thirty wavetable. Touchpad whose modulation parameters are assignable, Mod wheel-shaped joystick whose parameters are editable.


I'm not a pro keyboard, and generally I adapt. So there is the semi-weighted, but rather plastoc nice and not too noisy. The keys are good size.

Big hassle for a manual ... a poor guide Getting started very, very succinct, in English, and not really well done. But ... the manual is worse: draft, rough, with very little pattern ...

Heresy, in view of the configuration of the machine, which takes some time to adapt, to the low number of control tower, and the amount of sub menu as soon as you touch the issue. Was quick to get lost badly. but hey, once the principles are similar, we still ride in the bike well. Attention just false manipulation 'on stage ... I knew and I did not like ...

At lunchtime, quite simple to implement, attention has just come in the correct mode (three modes: Synth / keyboard master / synth-master keyboard).

Lots of interesting patches, a fucking audio quality, this synth is a beast of sound, impressive for the price and the template. Clearly directed electronic, do not expect to find the sounds of acoustic piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes .... Here it squeaks, it Fouich, bump it so greasy and without compromise. matter, texture, electricity ... I like it, I love that show ...
Arpegiator and X-gator (a kind of rhythmic pacréateur patch use in a very nice dance / drum 'n bass) very complete.

Regarding the mode master keyboard, I never got used much. presets are included, and works great with Reason and Ableton Live.
To keep in mind that even if the animal is oriented hardware, software aspirations take precedence over his character. In that: no midi in physics is really harmful to use hardware. I use essentially the audio on my direct acquisition MV. And since I'm not a game of phew, I feel I do not use the beast to its full potential.
There is Always a way around by playing a DAW via its sequences to take advantage of any editing functions and quanticize that offers MIDI ... bah .... I've "planted" in my choice, I should hunt around an X-Station ... this will teach me not to read the specifications thoroughly ..

Note, the bundle included with the beast is well fleshed out ... Arturia analog, Bass Station, Ableton Live, Loop Pack 2 go ... y 'what armor your hard drive ... BUT! and then I rattle REALLY! I explain that it is the interest to offer a version of Live Lite WITHOUT midi out possible ??????? we can use the keyboard as a master keyboard, but do not play expander, which is a shame ...
just one track was enough .....
In short, there is not the point ...


I use it for a year ... it makes me good service. Pleasant to use, light ....
*** Have a synthesis engine that allows real fun ...


no midi in physics, I insist, it's super frustrating when you are connected hardware.

Conversely, it seems to be the best choice for any user of keyboard master who will then have a serious bike, which makes flexible and great service ... much more than other keyboard masters of the same range.

In short, good product!