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User Review

Anonymous's review - Line 6 Variax Workbench

Aaaaaah! .... Workbench, finally!
The complement of my Variax 700 whose sonorities were beginning to get tired a little after a few months ... Let's install this app to quickly see if his reputation is justified.

Well, my config is conventional for a home studio owners: P4 2.6 Ghz, 1 GB Ram, his EMU1616 external card, 1 USB port available, a CD-ROM, 1 internet connection (almost mandatory to register the product) ;dropoff window ben, forward!

What, already finished?

Well, well, no pb ...


Come on, now click on the icon magic. P ... it's beautiful, entering a luthier workshop! It's just if there are no guitars hanging on the wall. Incredible!

Quickly, we set: while a body of SG, 3 humbuckers, well, I will rotate a bit, just to change the usual sound. Ah well, then AC: I can even position the microphones on the bottom of the handle! and behind the bridge! How far will they stop, Line6?

First test, the guitar is a reliee the computer by its transparent USB and RJ45 cable box, I select a virtual amp Waooouh! I just create a unique scratching sound on earth (and in the Universe, eh, potato!).

Quick, second test: a body Hollow Body Jazz, well grimey microphones rules at max output power, tuning with two bass strings in place of the lower strings ... I'm on, I'll plant the becane , ca can not exist such a thing! Nope, ca spitting sound perfectly clear, in the background with the bass strings that round agreement beautifully well ... I still just create an instrument heard on Earth ... (and in the Galaxy, eh, sausage!).

It's fine all this, but I'm doing what, my sounds of space? Hop, backup function, re-hop, storage on the hard drive and re-re-hop, transfer to the Variax via the USB case. Soft Beds, Hard Battles, the rock'n'rollienne glory awaits us!

As you can see, apart from those that English repels the interface, this software is magical body ... The possibilities mixer, microphones, impedances are multiple. A real treat!


I use Workbench for 8 months now. This is THE software for all owners of Variax who wishes to evolve his guitar and, in turn, evolve musically in the same occasion. No doubt that this is the "commercial" version of the original software that allowed the models (patches) sold with the Variax.

Proposed one might regret that the models are, for now number has barely adequate to satisfy our thirst for Creation. It is now a LINE6 to evolve fast enough product and its support not to weary customers in a marketplace increasingly active in the world of modeling. Fortunately, some DEBROUILLARDS put online patches (

In the end, Workbench is the violin and creation workshop ideals to bursting with his Variax without risk of fatigue!

Update 2008: I confirm that the Workbench is an essential addition to changing its Variax. It has been three years since I played this guitar on non-standard and thanks to Line 6 modeling software, I re-discovered as soon as I connect the small box to clear my bike ... Giant!